The Butt-Selfie Queen, Jen Selter, Is in Vanity Fair -
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The Butt-Selfie Queen, Jen Selter, Is in Vanity Fair

New York Magazine - 12 Mar 2014
When you open the April issue of Vanity Fair, which features the cast of Game of Thrones on the cover — a surprise almost as shocking as the Red Wedding awaits you inside. Jen Selter, the 20-year-old from Long Island who turned taking butt selfies ...
jen selter

The Best Butt In All of Sports is ... - 30 May 2017
All fans of the maximus that is gluteus, listen up -- one of the best butts in the world is about to pick the best butt in sports. We got Jen Selter, the Instagram model that has turned her butt into big business (11 million Instagram followers) and ...
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Jen Selter Gets On All Fours For Instagram

The Interrobang - 12 Jun 2017
interrobang, in·ter·ro·bang [in-ter-uh-bang] ‽ (often represented by ?! / !?), is a nonstandard punctuation designed to combine the question mark (?) and the exclamation point (!), indicating a mixture of query and interjection, as after a rhetorical ...
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Jen Selter Just Shared One Hell Of A Butt Pic On Instagram

Crave Online - 15 Jun 2017
Here at Mandatory we like to talk about important things. One of those important things we enjoy talking about is butts. That's why recently we talked about Niykee Heaton and her out of this world butt and we talked about Courtney Black and her hall of ...
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7 top tips for a better bum from Belfast trainer Alan Waterman

Belfast Telegraph - 30 May 2017
From Kim Kardashian to Jen Selter, these days Facebook and Instagram are covered with pictures of butts, booties and belfies. Top tips for a better bum. 4 4 Top tips for a better bum. It's the new big thing in fitness - everyone and their Nan wants a ...
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The Old-School Gym Machine That Will Transform Your Butt

POPSUGAR - 22 Jun 2017
Lately, tons of women have been heading back to the StairMaster. Just take a look on Instagram and you'll see fitness stars like Jen Selter showing off more advanced routines mixing up this otherwise monotonous stair-climbing workout. And the results ...
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Big Time Rush Singer - 03 Apr 2017
Instagram hottie Jen Selter took her famous ASSets on a beach vacation, and it looks like she took a new bf too ...
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Coco Austin's bulging booty demolishes tiny G string

Daily Star - 21 Jun 2017
The glamour model championed near-nudity as she stripped to showcase her new lingerie line, CocoLicious. But by the looks of the smokin' hot pics, Coco isn't actually wearing a lot of lingerie. The 38-year-old shared a series of raunchy images to her ...
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Jen Selter on Instagram fame, self-care and her fitness routine

Evening Standard - 07 May 2017
If you follow Jen Selter on Instagram, it's likely that you have found yourself admiring her derriere on more than one occasion. By posting 'belfies' or butt selfies since 2012, as well as introducing the hashtag “#seltering”, a way of posing that best ...
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Jen Selter's Workout App Is All About Butts

Observer - 05 Jan 2017
If your resolution is to obtain a body made for belfies, Jen Selter is here for you. The Instagram-famous fitness fanatic, who became infamous for creating the “belfie” (or butt selfie, for the uninitiated), has now rolled out her very own fitness app ...

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