Ariana Grande Sounds Off on 'Sam & Cat' Cancellation, Jennette McCurdy ... -
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'Security Deposit': Not By Judd Apatow, But Close

Splitsider - 30 Aug 2017
Thanks to a believable pairing in Jennette McCurdy and Aaron, and strong supporting performances from Colton Dunn and Matthew Broussard, this ostensibly run-of-the-mill story about twenty-somethings and landlords and LA lands as a testament to two ...
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Why did iCarly end?

J-14 Magazine - 04 Sep 2017
The new show, Sam & Cat, starred Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande, bringing together two of our favorite Nickelodeon characters from iCarly and Victorious to embark on new adventures as a mismatched pair who start a babysitting business. Sadly ...
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Will Netflix's 'Between' Get A Season 3? - 13 Sep 2017
Starring iCarly alum Jennette McCurdy, the show revolves around the town of Pretty Lake where anyone over the age of 22 mysteriously drops dead leaving the town quarantined by the government. It's been over a year ago since Season 2 finished, and in ...
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Jennette McCurdy Now in 2017: Where is Sam from “iCarly” Now?

Earn The Necklace - 03 Aug 2017
Fans of iCarly are definitely wondering where the stars of the show are now. The show was a soaring hit, and the actors seem to have suddenly all grown up! Jennette McCurdy played Sam from iCarly and now has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.
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Jennette McCurdy Hot Pics: The Little Miss Who Can Do No Wrong

Earn The Necklace - 11 Jun 2017
Viewers will surely remember actress Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett from the Nickelodeon sitcom, iCarly and its spin-off show, Sam & Cat. McCurdy is an actress, screenwriter, singer, songwriter, and record producer who is just 24 years old. She was ...
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Rainbow Makeover: Jennette McCurdy Debuts Purple Hair

Twist Magazine - 12 May 2017
You may recognize Jennette McCurdy best with her signature blonde hair, but the actress officially has a bold new (and totally unexpected!) hair color! She recently took to her Instagram to debut an electric purple-streaked hairstyle – and we are all ...
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Jennette McCurdy Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Gazette Review - 12 Aug 2017
As a former child star, Jennette McCurdy is known for a lot of things. She initially broke out onto the scene on Nickelodeon, where she played Sam Puckett on the highly popular sitcom iCarly. She was so popular on the channel that she was able to ...
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Life After Nickelodeon: Jennette McCurdy Grows Up

Vulture - 14 Nov 2015
“I hate that so much,” Jennette McCurdy says after taking a sip of my drink, a Hendrick's martini with a twist. “It makes me hyperventilate.” Her face crumples like a piece of paper, and she chases the sip with her Moscow Mule, a drink she describes as ...

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