Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons Cast in the Superman/Batman Film! -
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Brian Cant obituary

The Guardian - 20 Jun 2017
Other presenters included, incredibly, Jeremy Irons, Julie Covington, Patricia Hodge and Tony Robinson. In his subsequent career he combined his work presenting children's TV in shows such as Bric-A-Brac (1980-82) and Milkshake! (from 1997) with ...
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Film Notes: A Tribute to 'Casablanca'

Valley News - 23 Jun 2017
While Arterton carries the picture with grace and a dash of wit, she also gets brilliant support from a cast that includes Bill Nighy as an aging matinee idol rising to the occasion and Jeremy Irons in a sly cameo as the British secretary of war. To ...
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David Oyelowo voicing Scar in 'The Lion Guard'

Blasting News - 23 Jun 2017
Jeremy Irons voiced Scar in the original 1994 movie. Oyelowo is the perfect choice to play the villain on Disney Junior's show and is sure to bring a meanness to the character children can relate to. It is unclear how much screen time Oyelowo will receive.
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New on DVD: 'Power Rangers,' 'Bunnicula' - 23 Jun 2017
"Autopsy of Jane Doe": Two coroners look into the mystery surrounding a dead woman. Emile Hirsch stars. "Correspondence": Woman will not let an affair end despite the married man trying to disappear. Jeremy Irons stars. "Life of Significant Soil ...
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Home Is Anywhere Jeremy Irons Drapes His Scarf

New York Times - 07 Dec 2016
“They got their knickers in a twist about it, but it's not pink,” Mr. Irons said during a recent stay in New York. “It's the color of fresh seaweed, and it blends with the sea that surrounds it.” To judge by his woebegone look, Mr. Irons hasn't spent ...

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