Does Jian Ghomeshi's arrogance know no bounds? -
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Does Jian Ghomeshi's arrogance know no bounds?

Toronto Star Blogs (blog) - 30 Oct 2014
I never liked Jian Ghomeshi much, and if that strikes you as an unsuitable way to begin then you have only to turn to the adoring comments of a diminishing but still significant number of fans still imagining that the CBC is the miscreant or praising ...
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'The Ghomeshi Effect' recounts stories of sexual assault through dance

The Gazette • Western University's Newspaper - 02 Nov 2018
Ruano started planning the show and conducting interviews in the aftermath of the Jian Ghomeshi trial. Ghomeshi was a popular host of a CBC radio show who was accused of sexual assault and acts of violence by multiple women in 2014. He was acquitted ...
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#MeToo brings change, debate to literary magazines - 01 Nov 2018
Editor Lorin Stein of the Paris Review left amid allegations of sexual harassment and editor Ian Buruma of The New York Review of Books was fired after publishing an essay by Jian Ghomeshi, the Canadian broadcaster and musician who faced multiple ...
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What I Know About Jian Ghomeshi

The Cut - 15 Sep 2018
Before anyone knew anything else about him, it was charm that made Jian Ghomeshi a big deal. It began in the mid 2000s, when he hosted a Canadian arts-and-culture radio show, Q. In one episode, the actor Billy Bob Thornton was a guest, and a singularly ...
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Jian Ghomeshi essay on sexual assault trial met with backlash

The Guardian - 14 Sep 2018
Former Canadian radio star Jian Ghomeshi has pointed to a “systemic culture of unhealthy masculinity” to explain his behaviour with women, in a personal essay whose publication by a prestigious American magazine has fuelled a broader debate over the ...
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Jian Ghomeshi may have a platform, but he shouldn't get a pass

Washington Post - 21 Sep 2018
So the title “Jian Ghomeshi, Canadian public radio host” quite misses the point. It fails to convey the depth of his cultural power, the importance of his platform, or the part he played in the national psyche during his years as the host of the arts ...
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New York Review of Books editor leaves over Jian Ghomeshi article

BBC News - 20 Sep 2018
The editor of the prestigious New York Review of Books has left the post after publishing an essay by a Canadian ex-radio host who had been charged and later acquitted of sexual assault. Ian Buruma said he felt "forced to resign" due to outside pressures.
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Fauxpologists like Jian Ghomeshi: How to Deal with Them - 24 Sep 2018
In late October 2014, just-fired CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi published a Facebook post claiming that he was being persecuted for being into BDSM. That same night, a Toronto Star article detailed the first few of many accusations against Ghomeshi. That ...
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Jian Ghomeshi reappears – as egotistical and delusional as ever

NOW Magazine - 18 Sep 2018
“Don't click,” I said to myself. But click I did when Reflections From A Hashtag, former CBC radio star Jian Ghomeshi's 3,000-word essay in the New York Review Of Books, appeared in my Twitter feed. I was curious – and not for a second expecting to ...
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Jian Ghomeshi speaks out four years after acquittal

CityNews - 14 Sep 2018
Jian Ghomeshi speaks out four years after acquittal. After four years of radio silence, disgraced broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi is speaking for the first time since being acquitted of sexual assault charges in 2016. Sep 14, 2018, 6:31 PM. Advertisement. Local.

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