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Jim Acosta: Whiny Pissant

93.1 WIBC Indianapolis (blog) - 20 Oct 2018
There's a very funny "Jim Acosta game" that Twitter users have popularized in response to Sir. Whiny Pissant's penchant for tweeting about himself. Players simply add the words "Dear Diary" to the beginning of any Acosta tweet, instantly transforming ...
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See Sanders' testy exchange with Jim Acosta

CNN - 03 Oct 2018
See Sanders' testy exchange with Jim Acosta. Wolf. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders defended President Trump's criticism of Christine Blasey Ford at a campaign rally by saying he was "just stating facts." Source: CNN ...
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Trump repurposes rally crowd photo from CNN's Acosta

The Hill - 10 Oct 2018
During a press conference in the United Kingdom earlier this year, Acosta attempted to ask a question, but Trump declared "CNN is fake news, I don't take questions from CNN." The president has, both before and after that press conference, taken ...
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'CNN sucks': Trump supporters yell at Jim Acosta

Washington Post - 15 Oct 2018
Several people yelled at CNN reporter Jim Acosta at a rally held by President Trump in Tampa on July 31. Related links. Read More. Up next in Politics. promo. 0:37. 'CNN sucks': Trump supporters yell at Jim Acosta. promo. 2:34. Who are the lawyers left ...
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Acosta: Trump 'not in touch with reality'

CNN - 26 Sep 2018
Acosta: Trump 'not in touch with reality'. Situation Room. CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta describes President Donald Trump as being "not in touch with reality" during his solo press conference in New York. Source: CNN ...
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Pompeo scolds Jim Acosta for 'ludicrous' 25th Amendment question

Washington Times - 25 Sep 2018
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday scolded CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta for asking a “ludicrous” question about Cabinet members allegedly discussing invoking the 25th Amendment against President Trump. During a press ...
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Acosta asks Trump to call on a female reporter

CNN - 26 Sep 2018
During a solo news conference following accusations against President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, CNN's Jim Acosta requested that the President allow a question from a female reporter. Source: CNN ...

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