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Jim Cantore, the Red Cross…and Charles Dixon

Chester News - 20 Sep 2017
Responding to Harvey: By Nancy Parsons. Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 1:36 pm (Updated: September 20, 6:30 am). When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeast Texas on Aug. 25, Jim Cantore with “The Weather Channel” was there.
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The Top Five Jim Cantore Storm Coverage Moments of All-Time

TVOvermind - 14 Sep 2017
Jim Cantore is well-known meteorologist that has made a name for himself by reporting on major storms and documenting their effect for the public. He's had a very impressive career and has most notably been seen to report on several very serious ...
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'God help us.' Jim Cantore paints bleak picture for Miami

Miami Herald - 07 Sep 2017
It's game week for Jim Cantore. “Game month, actually,” said The Weather Channel's star meteorologist Thursday after arriving in Miami, about to feel the brunt of Hurricane Irma. He is duly exhausted. “I have to be honest, I'm tired,” said Cantore who ...
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Hurricane Irma gets attention from national meteorologists

Florida Today - 05 Sep 2017
THIS IS NOT A DRILL. JIM CANTORE IS TALKING ABOUT IRMA SO NOW WE HAVE TO CARE. As Hurricane Irma intensifies, the now category 5 storm is catching the attention of some big names in weather, along with Floridians dreading the start of another ...
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Chatting up Oldsmar's Mike Boylan, of Mike's Weather Page

TBO.com - 08 Sep 2017
Mike's Weather Page a.k.a. spaghettimodels.com bills itself as the "No. 1 tropical source for millions since 2004." The page compiles graphics and images of the latest weather models from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other ...
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Officials: False report of unsafe shelter sparks 'mass hysteria'

Washington Post - 10 Sep 2017
An erroneous media report that a big arena housing 4,000 storm refugees was unsafe set off “mass hysteria” inside the venue, Lee County spokesmen said. Tim Engstrom, communications specialist, said a national television station broadcast the false ...
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Irma's Over The Top Coverage, Next Your Guns Rights

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News - 16 Sep 2017
Jim Cantore That's why Jim Cantore, the Weather Channel goofball was so disappointed when he found himself on the wrong side of the state a mere hours before Irma's landfall. Mark Walters. USA – -(Ammoland.com)- First, let me say it's good to be back ...
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Hurricane Irma draws national media to South Florida

Sun Sentinel - 08 Sep 2017
The Weather Channel's meteorologist, Jim Cantore, who is known to report from national weather disasters, is also coming this weekend, according to Miami.com. His Twitter profile reads: “Location: Up to mother nature.” And although Bryan Norcross, who ...
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Harvey reporters cast aside role as observers to help

KCCI Des Moines - 31 Aug 2017
While on a live shot in western Houston Tuesday, The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore was approached by a man who was waiting for his daughter's family to be evacuated from a nearby apartment complex. When rescuers arrived, Cantore helped deliver ...
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Hurricane Maria: Another Category Five Monster

FITSNews - 19 Sep 2017
That's not nearly enough time for the intentional fear-mongering of Jim Cantore to kick into high gear. “I have to paint the worst possible scenario,” Cantore told The Miami Herald upon his arrival in town in advance of Irma. “It would be a disservice ...
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Celebrity meteorologists gain fame amid the hurricanes

Macleans.ca - 20 Sep 2017
That was the label attached to storm tracker Cantore by the New York Times. Tampa Bay News referred to him with even more gush as as a “rock-star weatherman” in “If rock star weatherman Jim Cantore comes to Florida for Irma, we know it's serious.”.
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This Is Hurricane Maria's Predicted Path (So Far)

Fortune - 18 Sep 2017
(It has also brought out the best in some people—like the Florida millionaire who fostered 70 children in his $30 million mansion.) For now, though, the best news for everyone along the southeastern coastline may be this: The Weather Channel's Jim ...
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Reporting live in a hurricane is tough. Here's proof.

Washington Post - 10 Sep 2017
A group of people wait for room assignments Friday at a shelter in the cafeteria of Pizzo Elementary School in Tampa. (JIM WATSON/AFP). Hurricane Irma is leaving the Florida Keys, headed for the southwest coast of Florida, the National Hurricane Center ...

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