Student kneed by Weather Channel's Jim Cantore: 'He got me good' (+ video) -
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30 Years with Jerry Tracey: Jim Cantore

WVTM13 - 07 Jul 2017
The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore welcomes WVTM 13 Chief Meteorologist Jerry Tracey to the "30-year club." Advertisement. Video Segments: 30 Years With Jerry Tracey: Full Show · WVTM 13 anchor Lisa Crane · WVTM 13 meteorologists Harmony ...
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Freak storms compound Nags Head's flooding problems

The Outer Banks Voice - 21 Jul 2017
Other than video of the flooding on the Beach Road shot by The Outer Banks Voice and shared by The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore on Twitter, there was no mention outside of Dare County about the freak storm's flooding. Advertisement. Water was still ...
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The Grace of Whales

Yesterday's Island/Today's Nantucket (blog) - 20 Jul 2017
All of those collisions leave Nantucket in the Jim Cantore sweet spot of dense fog, mildew, and warping doors that hang ajar. Welcome to July, bring a rain coat. Over the last week, we have fog or rain for the last six days. While mist means great ...
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Drones and Geodata: The coming boom for LI - 17 Jul 2017
Jim Cantore, meteorologist for The Weather Channel, was the master of ceremonies for the event. Cantore said that UAVs are transforming the way broadcast news is covering events, as they are able to gather news from different angles and in near real-time.
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TCU's best 10 football games thus far this decade

Dallas News - 27 Jun 2017
Revenge is a dish best served cold and damp. Thirty-degree temperatures, pouring rain and lightning. Jim Cantore would have loved this one. This was a football game, man. So many fumbles. Oh gosh, there were so many fumbles. It was almost as good as ...
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Jim Cantore hits Boston as 'benchmark' storm nears

Boston Herald - 13 Mar 2017
The region is looking at what could be a “benchmark, standstill” March blizzard of up to 2 feet of snow tomorrow, says The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore — who plans to be here for the headline climatological event. “I think it's going to come in like ...
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Talk of the Towns for July 12, 2017

The Lake Norman Citizen - 12 Jul 2017
Television personalities, including those from local affiliates, a Good Morning America crew and even the Weather Channel's own legendary posterboy Jim Cantore, have flocked to the fresh land mass posing as modern-day Christopher Columbuses.
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How bad was the rain? So bad that Jim Cantore was in Naples

The News-Press - 07 Jun 2017
It's been raining cats and dogs this week in Southwest Florida, with southern portions of Collier County seeing a foot of rain. Some roads are flooded, and yards, too. Canal and lake levels have risen sharply. Sunshine, well, has been hard to find. How ...
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From the archives: 10 questions with TWC's Jim Cantore

The News-Press - 01 Sep 2016
EDITOR'S NOTE: In 2016, Jim Cantore found himself back in Florida, and he wasn't on vacation. That meant the Sunshine State was getting hit with a tropical storm or hurricane. The Weather Channel meteorologist is known for broadcasting in America's ...
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Celebrating Jim Cantore's 30 years at the Weather Channel

Washington Post - 15 Jul 2016
I hesitate to heap praise on a man who is so self-assured and so good at what he does that he needs no adulation. But Jim Cantore, arguably the most talented and passionate weather broadcaster alive, celebrated 30 “epic” (to use one of his favorite ...
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13 Pics Prove Jim Cantore Is The SEXIEST Part Of Every Hurricane

YourTango - 06 Oct 2016
Whatever the reason, you can't deny Jim Cantore's the best storm chaser out there. With hurricane season officially upon us, you can bet I'll have The Weather Channel blaring 24/7 to watch him brave the storm to keep us updated. While you hunker down, ...

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