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Jim Fregosi, All-Star, Dies at 71; Was Traded for Nolan Ryan

New York Times - 14 Feb 2014
Jim Fregosi, a baseball lifer who made six All-Star teams as a player and managed the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies to the National League pennant, but who is probably best known — by New Yorkers, at least — as the player the Mets received from the ...
jim fregosi

Catching Up on Your Angel History

Halo's Heaven - 13 Dec 2018
Early on in my career as an Angel fan, I came across the interesting bit of trivia about how the Angels' 1961 team holds the record for the most wins ever by an ...
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10 biggest trades in Angels history

MLB.com - 02 Dec 2018
ANAHEIM -- The Angels have consummated a fair number of high-profile trades over the course of their history. While their track record is far from perfect, the ...
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Every MLB team's retired numbers

MLB.com - 19 Nov 2018
Below are the retired numbers for every Major League club. On April 15, 1997, every team in MLB retired No. 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. ATHLETICS9: ...
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Swapping stories about that one time

Concord Monitor - 06 Dec 2018
Potential members look to OLLI at Granite State College for a broad variety of educational programs. But, inside OLLI, we know that there is much more learning ...
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Biggest trades in Mets history

MLB.com - 21 Nov 2018
In their dealings with rival teams, the Mets have never lacked for drama. Some of the foremost stars have come and gone via trade, leaving the Mets with a ...
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Former manager, All-Star Jim Fregosi dies

USA TODAY - 14 Feb 2014
Jim Fregosi, whose outsized personality complemented his significant stature in baseball through six decades as a player, manager, scout and executive, died ...
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It’s time to look Joe Carter in the eye

The Good Phight - 25 Oct 2018
It started as anger, metastasized as agony, dulled into bitterness, and was eventually, like all these stories, passed down by our ancestors as further evidence to ...
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Jim Fregosi, Hawk Harrelson's hire

South Side Sox - 17 Feb 2014
Over the last four months of the 2013 season, we tracked 122 different Hawk Harrelson superlatives. Jim Fregosi, who died on Friday at the age of 71, earned ...
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Stat corner: Best players in Angels history

Los Angeles Times - 16 Jun 2018
Who had the best career in Angels history? We can use the Wins Above Average stat, covered in a previous stat corner, to give one possible answer. Remember ...
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Angels retired numbers

MLB.com - 01 Nov 2018
It's been 20 years since the Angels retired a number, a testament to the rarefied nature of that honor within the franchise. Only six numbers have been retired in ...
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Remembering The Misfits

MLB.com - 23 May 2018
Let's see, the Phillies have had the Whiz Kids (1950), Comeback Kids (1980) and Wheeze Kids (1983). Along came a bunch that had more nicknames, mostly ...
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Mitch Chortkoff Remembered

Culver City Observer - 09 Aug 2018
My friend, my coworker, my editor Mitch Chortkoff lost his battle with diabetes and related illnesses this week. He was 78. Mitch was a renowned.
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Serra legend Ken Houle dies | Sports

San Mateo Daily Journal - 18 May 2018
Ken Houle, a 35-year member of the Serra High School faculty as well as baseball manager and athletic director, died Tuesday according to a statement sent to ...
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A bittersweet reunion for ’93 Phillies

Metro US - 12 Jun 2018
Last Sunday, the Philadelphia Phillies celebrated the 25th anniversary of the 1993 team, which captured the N.L. pennant and the hearts of fans in the city.
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Here are your 1976 Kansas City Royals

Royals Review - 04 Sep 2018
I will always remember 1976 as the year where the possibilities of life seemed endless. The country was celebrating it's 200th year in existence and exciting stuff ...
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HOFer, former Senator Bunning dies at 85

MLB.com - 09 Dec 2017
PHILADELPHIA -- Jim Bunning, the only member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame to be elected to Congress, died late Friday night at 85. Bunning, who ...
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Baseball 101: Dynamic duos

Newsday - 27 Mar 2018
Some things just go together, and in baseball, there are plenty of pairings where you can't think of one without the other.
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Ranking Angels' Shortstops Historically

Halo's Heaven - 20 Nov 2007
Gold Gloves: Fregosi, Cabrera (1 ea.) All Stars: Fregosi (6), DiSarcina (1) Postseason Appearances: Eckstein, Cabrera (2 ea.), Schofield, Foli, Campaneris (1 ea.)
jim fregosi

The Angels Legacy of Bobby Knoop

Halo's Heaven - 05 Sep 2013
Angels infielder and coach Bobby Knoop was inducted into the Angels Hall of Fame Thursday night. He now wears the elite red jacket. Let's look at his ...

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