The 11 best Joe Biden memes as America says bye to its Uncle-in-Chief -
joe biden memes

Step aside Hardy Boys, Biden and Obama are on the case

WHYY - 27 Jul 2018
His penchant for enjoying ice cream cones and being pictured doing so also helped build the Biden mystique. Then there's the Biden-Obama bromance memes that Biden helped stoke when he tweeted a pair of friendship bracelets with “Joe” and “Barack” ...
joe biden memes

Barack And Joe Solve A Murder Mystery

NPR - 04 Aug 2018
Because those bromance memes had been going around the Internet where it was Joe Biden, like, pulling pranks on the incoming president in the White House and Obama going, "Joe, stop it. Joe." And he really had to have them together, I realized, to have ...
joe biden memes

In "Hope Never Dies," Obama and Biden are a Crime-Solving Duo

WNYC - 06 Aug 2018
A new book stars Barack Obama and Joe Biden as amateur detectives, determined to crack the mystery of a suspicious death on the Northeast Corridor. The tongue-in-cheek novel Hope Never Dies picks up with Obama and Biden after the 2016 presidential ...
joe biden memes

Media Swoons Again Over Obama-Biden 'Bromance'

Washington Free Beacon (blog) - 01 Aug 2018
Barack Obama and Joe Biden met up and ate at a Georgetown restaurant last week, leading to a flood of articles about their "bromance" and a reminder the media really, really misses their faves. First, like "adulting" or "on fleek," "bromance" is a ...
joe biden memes

The best Joe Biden memes that stand the test of time

The Daily Dot - 27 May 2018
With his heartfelt love of trains, tendency to drop soundbites without consideration for curse words or reaction, oft-deployed finger guns, and his bromance with former President Obama, Joe Biden is one of the most-memed figures on the internet. He may ...
joe biden memes

Joe Biden tells Chicago audience 'those memes are basically true'

Chicago Tribune - 12 Dec 2017
Say what you want about President Donald Trump, but he's certainly been good for the Democratic Party book tour business. Just a few weeks after Hillary Clinton sold out the Auditorium Theater at $90-a-head and up, former Vice President Joe Biden ...

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