Joseph "Joe" Swash (born 20 January 1982) is an English present... -
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Stacey Solomon reveals how she made Joe Swash fall for her

Entertainment Daily - 11 Aug 2018
Stacey Solomon has shared the unusual way she made boyfriend Joe Swash fall for her - by acting really crabby around him! Not quite how you might think though, as Stacey revealed on Instagram that she does a cracking crab impression. We don't think ...
joe swash

Stacey Solomon reveals how Joe Swash has boosted her confidence

Entertainment Daily - 07 Aug 2018
This resonated with Stacey who said while she was happy before she met Joe, having him love her is the "icing on the cake" and gives her extra self-esteem. While Stacey is loved-up with Joe, she recently admitted she's not ready to tie the knot with ...
joe swash

Stacey Solomon reveals why she turned her son into the police

HELLO! - 02 Aug 2018
MORE: Stacey Solomon shares sweet candid photo of her son and boyfriend Joe Swash. The star added that as a result, Zachary "faced a harsh reality" where it wasn't just his mum telling him off. She added: "Sometimes it's just not enough, it's just mum ...

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