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'Cyber Terrorist' Teen Who Hacked CIA Director John Brennan ...

Gizmodo - 21 Apr 2018
A British teenager who gained notoriety for hacking a number of high profile United States government employees including former CIA director John Brennan and former director of intelligence James Clapper was sentenced Friday to two years in prison ...
john brennan

Kakistocracy goes viral after John Brennan calls Trump ...

Washington Post - 13 Apr 2018
Today was a productive vocabulary day in the United States of America. The learning began in the morning, when former CIA director John O. Brennan tweeted at President Trump: “Your kakistocracy is collapsing after its lamentable journey.” The insult ...
john brennan

Former CIA director: Trump presidency is a 'kakistocracy'

CNN - 13 Apr 2018
Last month, Brennan suggested that the President may be afraid of Russian President Vladimir Putin because the Russians might have compromising information on Trump. "I think he is afraid of the President of Russia," Brennan said of Trump in an ...
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When Unfounded Smears Are Treated as Facts

National Review - 24 Mar 2018
When the hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe program asked why President Trump had congratulated Russian president Vladimir Putin on being reelected, former CIA director John Brennan pulled no punches. In answering the leading question that implied Trump may ...
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Tyrrell: Partisanship and John Brennan's plot

Sarasota Herald-Tribune - 04 Apr 2018
Moreover, Brennan was not the only one who knew about the spying. Then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was another, and still more senior officials in the Obama administration were aware of it. I am told that then-FBI Director James B ...
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Comey and Brennan, Leaders of the Coup

American Spectator - 18 Apr 2018
Even as Jim Comey and John Brennan lecture the American people on what is “normal,” they adopt an astonishingly abnormal role for former heads of the CIA and FBI — the role of coup leaders whose partisanship grows more reckless by the day. “This is ...
john brennan

Partisanship and John Brennan's plot

Washington Times - 27 Mar 2018
ANALYSIS/OPINION: What passes for the current wisdom today contains a great deal of solemn slop. Yet there are some solemnities in the current wisdom that one assumes are legitimate. For instance, it is said that today partisanship is more intense than ...

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