John Carroll Lynch lands juicy role in 'Freak Show' -
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John Carroll Lynch lands juicy role in 'Freak Show'

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - 06 Sep 2017
You've seen him as the duck-painting husband of Police Chief Marge Gunderson in "Fargo," Drew's cross-dressing brother in "The Drew Carey Show" and the suspected serial killer Arthur Leigh Allen in "Zodiac." Now if only you could remember his name.
john carroll lynch

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Catholic University of America The Tower - 23 Sep 2017
By: Jimmy Cassidy John Carroll Lynch has been an Italian-American barber in Gran Torino, a prime murder suspect in Zodiac, President Lyndon B. Johnson in Jackie, and even a serial-killing clown in American Horror Story, but before that, he starred at ...
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Harry Dean Stanton Fest celebrates late actor with world premiere

Lexington Herald Leader - 24 Sep 2017
The Thursday night premiere at the Kentucky Theatre will be attended by director John Carroll Lynch and co-writer Drago Sumonja, and they will participate in a question-and-answer session following the movie. But that is not the only coincidence on the ...
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Seahawks' Pete Carroll provided insight to 49ers GM John Lynch

SFGate - 13 Sep 2017
Last month, John Lynch acknowledged at least one NFL head coach wasn't overjoyed when he became the 49ers' general manager in January. “Pete Carroll still gives me a hard time,” Lynch said, laughing while recalling what the Seahawks' head coach told ...
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MFA announces Harry Dean Stanton film series

The Boston Globe - 18 Sep 2017
The screenings in December will feature 15 films starring Stanton, including “Paris, Texas” and John Carroll Lynch's new drama “Lucky,” as well as Howard Deutch's “Pretty in Pink,” Ridley Scott's “Alien,” John Carpenter's “Escape From New York,” and ...
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NCMA starts its fall film series with Hitchcock

News & Observer - 21 Sep 2017
Saturday evening, the Cary Theater is showing John Cassavetes' 1974 cult classic “A Woman Under the Influence,” starring Gena Rowlands, at 7. Sunday afternoon, John Carroll Lynch's 2017 drama “Lucky,” starring the late Harry Dean Stanton, screens at 2.
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Remembering Harry Dean Stanton

The Telegraph - 19 Sep 2017
The man's name might not have registered had we not had the chance to see him command the screen, during the Macon Film Festival, as the protagonist in “Lucky,” John Carroll Lynch's first film project behind the camera, which premiered at the South by ...
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Four films you can't miss at first annual Norman Film Festival

The Oklahoma Daily - 21 Sep 2017
"Lucky" is John Carroll Lynch's directorial debut, but it's Harry Dean Stanton's performance that critics can't stop talking about. Stanton appeared in many famous films over the course of six decades, including "Cool Hand Luke," "Fear and Loathing in ...
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Channel Zero Is the Best Horror TV Show You're Not Watching - 19 Sep 2017
John Carroll Lynch. You know him as Twisty the Clown on American Horror Story if you're a horror anthology connoisseur. Here he stars as John Sleator, who based on the promo photos doesn't seem to be any sort of clown but keep your guard up just in ...

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