John Kelly calls Robert E. Lee an 'honorable man' and says 'lack of compromise ... -
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John Kelly Can't Even Keep Trump From Using His Old Cell Phone

Splinter (blog) - 24 Apr 2018
When Mr. Retired Four-Star Marine Corps General John Kelly replaced Reince Priebus as Donald Trump's chief of staff last summer, he was hailed (falsely) as a “beacon of discipline” and an “apolitical force” that would serve to moderate the erratic (but ...
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Trump denies John Kelly's influence is diminished

CNN - 08 Apr 2018
In addition, the Post reports Kelly angered first lady Melania Trump with the firing of John McEntee, a longtime aide to the President, in March. The Post, citing administration officials, reported Melania was "upset over his sudden dismissal" of the ...
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John Kelly's Rare Balance Through Contact

Inside the Pylon - 24 Apr 2018
Comparisons are bad. They generate unfair expectations, create a false lens to view a prospect through and are reliant on our own hazy recollections. Fortunately, I'm not going to compare; I'm merely pointing out a similarity: in 2018 we have another ...
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John Kelly, Presidential Babysitter

The American Conservative - 11 Apr 2018
If the press reporting is even slightly accurate, John Kelly's influence on the West Wing has tumbled to its nadir. Kelly, a strong-willed personality who was transferred from the Department of Homeland Security to undertake the most thankless tasks in ...
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How John Kelly's Boston Neighborhood Led Him to Trump's Side

POLITICO Magazine - 10 Apr 2018
BOSTON — On the morning of October 20, a Facebook Group called “Originally from Oak Square Brighton” was in an uproar. Typically, the several hundred members share childhood memories from their Boston neighborhood or news that an old friend has passed ...
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John Kelly to Scott Pruitt: The Scandals Need to Stop

Daily Beast - 05 Apr 2018
The day after Scott Pruitt was called by President Donald Trump, who reportedly told him to “keep your chin up” amid a torrent of controversy, the EPA chief got another phone call from a top White House official that was noticeably less encouraging ...
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James Comey: John Kelly Called Trump 'Dishonorable' for Firing Me

Daily Beast - 12 Apr 2018
Within minutes of his firing in May, former FBI Director James Comey received a call from John Kelly, then the head of the Department of Homeland Security and now the White House chief of staff. According to Comey's account, which is set to appear in ...
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Why this could be one of Tennessee Vols' worst NFL drafts

Knoxville News Sentinel - 25 Apr 2018
That's happened before. But what's unusual about this draft is Tennessee is suffering significant losses without getting a huge surge in positive publicity that comes from furthering the careers of its players. It's a lose-lose situation. More: Kahlil ...
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Bolton, Kudlow on the rise, but risks abound

CNN - 19 Apr 2018
A stunned Bossert asked to speak to Kelly immediately. But Bolton, this source said, made clear that this was not Kelly's decision to make. Bossert was seen taking goodbye photos with staffers outside the West Wing by that Friday afternoon. Kelly let ...

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