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The best Venn diagrams John Venn never thought of

USA TODAY - 03 Aug 2014
Monday's Google Doodle reminds us that it's the 180th anniversary of the birth of John Venn, the English logician whose simple drawing of overlapping circles became a trademark tool of the social sciences. Yes, yes, Venn diagrams can teach math and ...
john venn

Male psychology: holistic, compassionate, future-facing

The British Psychological Society (blog) - 23 Oct 2017
There are other fields too, and if we depicted all of these as a Venn diagram, male psychology would be the common denominator. Developments in one field (e.g. improving boys' education) might have a positive impact on other fields (e.g. clinical and ...
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The canaries in a coal mine

TechCrunch - 19 Oct 2017
I've met countless Fitbit investors who still see growth in the cards when the Venn diagram of folks who have a Fitbit has already eclipsed the circle of folks who need one. I'd wager there's an acquisition in the future of any company that exhibits ...
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Kelly's Eye: Final bell for Mr Boxing but what a knockout life

Hartlepool Mail - 19 Oct 2017
It was a privilege to know Fred and was always nice to see him at ringside at the big North East shows over the years alongside his colleagues, like Arnold Bryson, Stuart Curry, John Jarrett, Stewart Lithgo, Reg Long and David Venn and many more. One ...
john venn

Money and math make elections go

Daily Press (blog) - 20 Oct 2017
His Republican challenger John Adams' $2.7 million is more than any other A.G. hopeful, though, including Herring's 2013 total through September of $2.2 million and Republican Mark Obenshain's $2 million. For those who, like Shad Plank, like to look at ...
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BGR snags Energy and Commerce staffer

Politico - 02 Oct 2017
FIRST IN PI — BGR SNAGS ENERGY & COMMERCE STAFFER: John Stone has left the Hill for BGR Group, where he started today as a vice president in the health and life sciences practice. He spent ...
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12 Venn Diagrams that Show How Badly the Left Contradicts Itself

PanAm Post - 01 Sep 2017
Thanks to John Venn, I now have a part-time job as a Venn diagram graphic artist/specialist – they are a very effective way to illustrate graphically the intellectual inconsistencies that are widespread and commonplace among the public, especially with ...
john venn

Graphic trivia about 'Star Wars' that only a Jedi Master would know

Washington Post - 03 Oct 2017
“Never tell me the odds,” Han Solo once said. But that was in a galaxy far, far away. On our data-driven planet, we can't get enough of the odds, the stats, the digits. After all, those Fitbits we're wearing are essentially little R2-D2s quantifying ...
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Pi may look like a random figure, but it's full of hidden patterns

Business Insider - 14 Mar 2017
In 1888, the logician John Venn, who also invented the Venn diagram, attempted to visually show that the digits of pi were random by drawing a graph showing the first 707 decimal places. He assigned a compass point to the digits 0 to 7 and then drew ...
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John Venn: Google Doodle reveals what unites us

Christian Science Monitor - 04 Aug 2014
On Monday, Google honored the work of John Venn, an English philosopher who devised a clever way to group things visually. His namesake Venn diagrams use circles to gather together similar traits and to reveal what unites us and what divides us.
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Word on the Hill: Football Season on the Hill

Roll Call - 03 Oct 2017
Former NFL players Ken Harvey and Gary Clark of the Washington Redskins, and John Booty, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets, were among the attendees scheduled to join members and Capitol Police officers at the reception ...
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Lobbying World

The Hill - 03 Oct 2017
Scott Nelson is returning to the law and lobby firm K&L Gates after working for former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (D). He has been named of counsel at the firm — where he last served as an associate from 2005 to 2009 — and will concentrate on a ...
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Spool's Out: What's Great On Cassette This September

The Quietus - 25 Sep 2017
The festival features several key experimental artists exploring fringe sound art and multimedia performance, including Graham Dunning, Ewa Jutska, Benedict Drew, Leafcutter John. Head over to, or the Resonance FM website to find out ...
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Dwyane Wade, Bulls agree on contract buyout, according to report

SB Nation - 25 Sep 2017
That frees Wade to join a contender, which was long expected once the Bulls traded Jimmy Butler and committed to a rebuilding effort. A reunion with LeBron James and the Cavaliers is possible, but the Spurs are in the mix, as is a reunion with the ...

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