The best Venn diagrams John Venn never thought of -
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The best Venn diagrams John Venn never thought of

USA TODAY - 03 Aug 2014
Monday's Google Doodle reminds us that it's the 180th anniversary of the birth of John Venn, the English logician whose simple drawing of overlapping circles became a trademark tool of the social sciences. Yes, yes, Venn diagrams can teach math and ...
john venn

Opinion: NZ Govt's deliberate suppression of Christianity

Voxy - 28 Nov 2017
New Zealand Government Speaker Trevor Mallard changes the wording of the prayer before the daily sitting of Parliament. New Zealand has always been regarded as a Christian country since the first sitting of its initial parliament in 1854. The gospel ...
john venn

Culture highlights: what to see this week in the UK

The Guardian - 16 Dec 2017
4 Walking on Cars. With a name that sounds like the sort of activity you might attempt after one too many shots, you might expect Walking on Cars to make risk-taking punk or ballsy rock. Rather, this Irish five-piece do Snow Patrol-ish indie pop, with ...
john venn

Liberal's tone deaf strategy in Bennelong

Daily Telegraph - 12 Dec 2017
This would offer the electorate a genuine choice between the two major parties, instead of a Venn diagram of overlapping self interest and cowardice. Where the Greens collect a consistent roughly 10 per cent vote across the country, they have a strong ...
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Osservatorio Fondazione Prada: What's in a Photo?

TL Magazine - 13 Dec 2017
with his lens the archives of the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, the Sir John Soane's Museum in London, the Kunstmuseum Basel, the Museum Insel Hombroich in Neuss, the Museo di Castelvecchio in Verona and the plaster cast gallery in the ...
john venn

How Fox Is Undermining the Mueller Investigation

Slate Magazine - 12 Dec 2017
As Robert Mueller's investigation seems to be heating up, voices on Fox are doing what they can to undermine not only his credibility, but the broader credibility of the FBI. As reported by the New York Times this weekend, Fox host Jeanine Pirro has ...
john venn

12 Venn Diagrams that Show How Badly the Left Contradicts Itself

PanAm Post - 07 Aug 2017
To recognize the anniversary of John Venn's birthday I present a dozen of my recent Venn diagrams below, which have all appeared on CD, Facebook and/or Twitter. Thanks to John Venn, I now have a part-time job as a Venn diagram graphic artist/specialist ...
john venn

Pi may look like a random figure, but it's full of hidden patterns

Business Insider - 14 Mar 2017
After thousands of years of trying, mathematicians are still working out the number known as pi or "π". We typically think of pi as approximately 3.14 but the most successful attempt to calculate it more precisely worked out its value to over 13 ...
john venn

Nicola Lamb: A miracle before Christmas? Really?

New Zealand Herald - 15 Dec 2017
CNBC political reporter John Harwood tweeted: "One measure of superior Dem enthusiasm/turnout in AL Senate special: in state he won nearly 2-to-1 in 2016, voters who strongly disapprove of Trump outnumbered strong approvers by 40%-33%." Writing in the ...
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Fed up with Democrats and Republicans? Here's a third option.

Chicago Tribune - 11 Dec 2017
For those following California's deep-blue politics who may find this surprising, here's how John Myers of the Los Angeles Times put it in perspective: “Lest you think this level of disgust is more deeply ingrained in one subset of California voters ...
john venn

John Venn: Google Doodle reveals what unites us

Christian Science Monitor - 04 Aug 2014
On Monday, Google honored the work of John Venn, an English philosopher who devised a clever way to group things visually. His namesake Venn diagrams use circles to gather together similar traits and to reveal what unites us and what divides us. For ...
john venn

Ukrainian energy firm hires former Scott Walker aide

Politico - 21 Nov 2017
John Sweeney of SMW Partners, a former Trump transition official, worked as a subcontractor to Roberti Global.) Nord Stream 2 AG is working to build a pipeline from Russia to Germany, bypassing Eastern European countries such as Ukraine. — Yorktown ...
john venn

Gatelangs i Beatles' barndom - Aftenposten

Aftenposten - 15 Dec 2017
Singelplaten «Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever» kom ut for 50 år siden. I både tekst og komposisjon er de to totalt forskjellige. Lennons låt er melankolsk og psykedelisk rock, mens McCartneys sang er en glad, optimistisk poplåt. Vi besøkte stedene ...
john venn

Craigslist hires first lobbyists

Politico - 08 Dec 2017
The pharmaceutical giant spent nearly $1.5 million on lobbying in the third quarter, according to disclosure reports, and also retains the BGR Group; Covington & Burling; the Ingram Group; the McManus Group; Monument Policy Group; Robert Armitage; the ...
john venn

Murphy releases full transition team membership - 20 Nov 2017
Dhiren Amin, Indian Business Association; Paul Anzano, Mayor of Hopewell; Ginny Bauer, CEO GTBM Inc; Laurel Brennan, AFL-CIO; Mo Butler, Mercury, LLC; Tim Carden, PFM Financial Advisors LLC; Arthur Cifelli, Venn Group; Mary Demartino, JPMorgan Chase ...
john venn

Cooper winning over doubters after stunning Fox Norton victory

Racing Post - 19 Nov 2017
Colin Tizzard said on Sunday the late Alan Potts' decision to appoint Bryan Cooper as rider of his British-based horses did not necessarily meet with unconditional approval at Venn Farm, but the trainer praised a "brilliant ride" after Cooper steered ...
john venn

Commentary: Once-Mighty Vols Now a National Joke

Valley News - 02 Dec 2017
But, seriously, why would someone with even a smattering of coaching chops want to be associated with the chaotic state of affairs on Rocky Top? As if the situation couldn't get any more ludicrous, Tennessee doled out another curveball on Friday by ...

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