Jonah Hill's Brother Jordan Feldstein Dies Suddenly At The Age Of 40 -
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Maniac is a mind-bending drama starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill

The Verge - 06 Aug 2018
Netflix is releasing a new limited series starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Maniac, a 10-episode drama, follows two participants in a drug trial (Stone and Hill) through a series of bizarre, fever dream-like experiences. Cary Joji Fukunaga — who ...
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'Mid90s' Looks Like Jonah Hill's Love Letter to Skate Culture

The Ringer (blog) - 24 Jul 2018
Jonah Hill, the preeminent Big Mood of 2018, hasn't released many projects over the past seven months (don't worry, he still had a great time participating in the second annual Jonah Hill Day). But it's just a matter of time before the on-again, off ...
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Interviewers: Please stop shitting on Jonah Hill

The A.V. Club - 25 Jul 2018
A few years ago, we saw actor Jonah Hill get understandably miffed by a French TV host who relentlessly ridiculed him on live TV. In the aftermath, there were reports that Hill was considering canceling the rest of that particular press tour, which ...
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Jonah Hill Has the Perfect Approach to Street Style - 30 Jul 2018
Jonah Hill has some pretty stellar style. It leans toward street style—hyped brands, graphic tees, and the like—but without being in your face. It's subtle. It's exactly what makes it feel like his true personal style, and not one a stylist chose for ...

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