Jonathan Pie is a fictitious British news reporter, created and... -
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Jonathan Pie is a fictitious British news reporter, created and...

wikipedia - 14 Nov 2016
Jonathan Pie is a fictitious British news reporter, created and played by British actor and comedian Tom Walker. Pie appears in a series of video clips where he rants about the state of politics in the United Kingdom, presented as if he is a real reporter speaking his personal opinions to camera before or after filming a regular news segment.
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Comedian Jonathan Pie on Donald Trump's Fascination With Putin

Yahoo News UK - 26 Jul 2018
Jonathan Pie is at it again. With a rocky week in world politics Jonathan is voicing his opinion on President Donald Trump retracting his recent remarks from on Russia's interference in the US President election in 2016 after meeting with Vladimir ...
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Jonathan Pie Slams UK's Inept Handling of Brexit Negotiations

Yahoo News UK - 03 Aug 2018
Fake reporter Jonathan Pie is back, with another provocative video slamming the UK's handling of its Brexit negotiations with the EU. “Say what you like about the Nazis, but they knew how to get things done,” Pie says. As an example of the government's ...
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The Very Best of Jonathan Gold

Eater - 23 Jul 2018
I grew up on the border of San Marino and Pasadena, a few blocks away from Pie 'n Burger, and used to ride my bike there as a kid. What was always interesting — and moving — about Jonathan Gold's reviews for people who lived in Southern California ...
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Some people think I'm really 'Jonathan Pie'

BBC News - 06 Apr 2018
Actor Tom Walker, who plays spoof reporter Jonathan Pie, has told BBC Radio 5 live that some people don't believe he is playing a character. Speaking to Adrian Chiles, the actor explained how recent political events have enhanced his role. 07 Apr 2018.
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Jonathan Pie meets his doppelganger

Sky News - 18 Apr 2018
Video: We think Tom Walker's comic creation, Jonathan Pie, looks a little like one of our own reporters. Top Stories. Indian navy and rescue personnel evacuate local residents in an boat at Aluva, in the · 324 dead as worst flooding in 100 years hits ...
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Tom Walker aka Jonathan Pie has a lot to say

The Sydney Morning Herald - 17 May 2018
It's an unusually hot, sunny day in London and British actor, Tom Walker, aka spoof TV reporter Jonathan Pie, is sitting in an obscure London cafe waiting to be interviewed while I'm stuck in a traffic jam on a bus that's going nowhere, fast. As the ...
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Jonathan Pie review: Blistering attacks on both sides of politics

The Sydney Morning Herald - 27 May 2018
Jonathan Pie: Back to the Studio. Athenaeum Theatre, May 25.. Jonathan Pie, the angry British TV reporter created by actor Tom Walker, has become a viral sensation online thanks to his erudite rants about the state of UK and world politics.
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When life gives you apples, make hard sorbet

Edmonds Beacon - 17 Aug 2018
A whipped, sticky mess that resembled a meringue pie topping. Finally, he ended up settling on a labor-intensive process of continuous stirring, which he does at home, in order to ensure a uniform consistency. The next hurdle was getting his product ...
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Jonathan Pie to star at Wickham Festival

Daily Echo - 11 Jun 2018
JONATHAN Pie will headline the Comedy Stage at the 2018 Wickham Festival. The internet sensation rocketed to fame playing the role of an off-air television reporter giving his forthright and uncensored views of the latest news and political events.
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What to Cook This Week

New York Times - 22 Jul 2018
Your recipe: Atlantic Beach pie (above), the chef Bill Smith's saltine-crusted take on the lemon pies he ate as a kid in restaurants along the Eastern Shore of North Carolina, and which he eventually took to his Crook's Corner restaurant in Chapel Hill ...
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Jonathan Pie explains why politics has lost the plot

Brag Magazine - 03 May 2018
Walker writes and performs as news anchor Jonathan Pie, an old-school socialist known for his explosive, self-righteous off-camera rants. The character exerts an almost cathartic rage as he breaks down everything from the West's involvement in the ...
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Jonathan Pie review: A mega-meltdown from viral video star

Evening Standard - 12 Mar 2018
There has been no slogging round the club circuit for Jonathan Pie. This spoof news reporter sold out the Apollo twice this weekend thanks to his rapid-response online rants that regularly go viral. Whether it's the weather or Brexit he delivers ...
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Jonathan Pie Goes Back To The Studio With Australian Tour

scenestr - 02 May 2018
If you are a regular YouTube or Facebook user, there's every chance you've seen Jonathan Pie – the faux TV news reporter who vents his spleen in unguarded “off-camera” rants where he tears up Trump, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, corporate greed and ...
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The rentquake will punish the Tories at the ballot box

The Guardian - 30 Apr 2018
Into this milieu comes Jonathan Pie to educate us on the value of free speech. Pie – a fictional reporter played by the comedian Tom Walker – exists in his libertarian way to shake up the lefty consensus. Walker co-writes with one of the Spiked crew ...
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York shop has best pie in county

The Press, York - 14 Aug 2018
Show vice-chairman Allan Robinson, who presented the trophy to Mr Wilson, said: “I came up with the idea of a Yorkshire pie competition for this year because it's such an iconic symbol of our region.” Competition was judged by author Jilly Cliff and ...
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Jonathan Pie at Latitude 2018

Chortle - 13 Jul 2018
It's testament to the power of Jonathan Pie's rhetoric that he can get a round of applause from an audience for calling them morons. And when he points out the irony, they only love him more. But 'irony' is often hard to spot in a character who rails ...
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Review: Jonathan Pie Political Roadshow, York Barbican, March 1

The Press, York - 28 Feb 2018
The real Jonathan Pie is actor and comedian Tom Walker, and it is credit to Walker's acting ability that he is utterly convincing as a TV reporter, despite having no journalistic training. In fact, a spoof vlog he posted following the shock election of ...

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