Jonathan Pie is a fictitious British news reporter, created and... -
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Jonathan Pie is a fictitious British news reporter, created and...

wikipedia - 14 Nov 2016
Jonathan Pie is a fictitious British news reporter, created and played by British actor and comedian Tom Walker. Pie appears in a series of video clips where he rants about the state of politics in the United Kingdom, presented as if he is a real reporter speaking his personal opinions to camera before or after filming a regular news segment.
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Comedy review: Jonathan Pie, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

The Scotsman - 15 Jun 2018
THOUGH best known for his three-minute YouTube rants, Tom Walker's splenetic news reporter character Jonathan Pie is altogether funnier and more impressive in a live setting. The narrative arc of this show allows him to build up an incredible head ...
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Jonathan Pie review: Blistering attacks on both sides of politics

The Sydney Morning Herald - 27 May 2018
Jonathan Pie: Back to the Studio. Athenaeum Theatre, May 25.. Jonathan Pie, the angry British TV reporter created by actor Tom Walker, has become a viral sensation online thanks to his erudite rants about the state of UK and world politics.
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Jonathan Pie to star at Wickham Festival

Daily Echo - 11 Jun 2018
JONATHAN Pie will headline the Comedy Stage at the 2018 Wickham Festival. The internet sensation rocketed to fame playing the role of an off-air television reporter giving his forthright and uncensored views of the latest news and political events.
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Jonathan Pie Brisbane Review @ The Old Museum

scenestr - 29 May 2018
A revolving 'wheel of fortune' features the logos of each of the mainstream political parties, and he gives it a spin. Predictably it stops on the Conservatives – giving Jonathan the chance to launch into a vitriolic rant about Theresa May, Jeremy ...
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It's the great outdoors...

Chortle - 06 Jun 2018
Manchester is to get what's believed to be the city's first all-day outdoor comedy festival. Nish Kumar will be headling Festival 41, with Jonathan Pie and Britain's Got Talent finalist Micky P Kerr among the line up. Festival 41 takes place in ...
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Milktooth chef Jonathan Brooks opens Beholder restaurant

Indianapolis Business Journal (blog) - 14 Jun 2018
Pots & Pans Pie Co. is planning to open its first retail location, at 4915 N. College Ave.The business was established about two years ago. Until now, it has distributed its pies by taking online orders and delivering them to customers at local farmers ...
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Jonathan Pie meets his doppelganger

Sky News - 18 Apr 2018
Jonathan Pie meets his doppelganger. 12:51, UK, Wednesday 18 April 2018. Jonathan Pie 1:50. NETWORK ERROR. Cannot Contact Server. RELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO. Video: We think Tom Walker's comic ...
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Some people think I'm really 'Jonathan Pie'

BBC News - 06 Apr 2018
Actor Tom Walker, who plays spoof reporter Jonathan Pie, has told BBC Radio 5 live that some people don't believe he is playing a character. Speaking to Adrian Chiles, the actor explained how recent political events have enhanced his role. 07 Apr 2018.
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The 'Gay Fear' Meme Is Leaving 'Queer Eye' Fans In Stitches

PopBuzz - 21 Jun 2018
Queer Eye is back with a new season and the Fab Five are already wowing viewers globally with their incredible makeovers, tear-jerker moments and general fabulosity. Bobby, Karamo, Jonathan, Antoni and Tan are the dream team and this series' ...
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Tom Walker aka Jonathan Pie has a lot to say

The Sydney Morning Herald - 17 May 2018
It's an unusually hot, sunny day in London and British actor, Tom Walker, aka spoof TV reporter Jonathan Pie, is sitting in an obscure London cafe waiting to be interviewed while I'm stuck in a traffic jam on a bus that's going nowhere, fast. As the ...
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Jonathan Pie explains why politics has lost the plot

Brag Magazine - 03 May 2018
Walker writes and performs as news anchor Jonathan Pie, an old-school socialist known for his explosive, self-righteous off-camera rants. The character exerts an almost cathartic rage as he breaks down everything from the West's involvement in the ...
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Natalie Portman and JSF Know Their Emails Are Pretentious

The Cut - 15 Jun 2018
Back in 2016, Natalie Portman and Jonathan Safran Foer engaged in an instantly iconic email correspondence for T Magazine, in which they waxed poetic about freedom and memory and the nature of Jewish melancholy with the bibliophilic zeal of two horny ...

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