José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha (May 14, 1947 – December 15, 1989)... -
josé gonzalo rodríguez gacha

José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha (May 14, 1947 – December 15, 1989)...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha (May 14, 1947 – December 15, 1989), also known by the nickname El Mexicano, was a Colombian drug lord who was one of the leaders of the notorious Medellín Cartel along with the Ochoa Brothers and Pablo Escobar. At the height of his criminal career Rodríguez was acknowledged as one of the world's most successful drug dealers. In 1988, Forbes magazine included him in their annual list of the world's billionaires.
josé gonzalo rodríguez gacha

Narcos: Life After Escobar?

NACLA - 22 Sep 2017
In 1988, amid precarious peace talks between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Jorge Salcedo, the son of an influential retired Colombian army general, recruited a British mercenary outfit to assassinate ...
josé gonzalo rodríguez gacha

Drug Dealing Can Make You A Billionaire

Business Insider - 17 Oct 2012
Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, $5 billion: Despite his $5 billion peak net worth, Gacha was the second-least wealthy founder of the Medellin cartel (all six made the list). He "pioneered the use of well placed Mexican ranches to smuggle drugs across the ...
josé gonzalo rodríguez gacha

Netflix's 'Narcos' Tries to Be 'The Wire' for Colombia's Drug War

Village Voice - 26 Aug 2015
Narcos, Netflix's new drug-war docudrama, is nearly as ambitious as its central character, Pablo Escobar. Over the course of 10 dense, sprawling episodes, the series tells the 20-year history of the narcotrafficker's rise and fall in relation to ...
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Las tierras ocultas del bloque Centauros - 04 Mar 2018
Aunque la presencia del paramilitarismo en el Meta data de los tiempos del poder mafioso de Rodríguez Gacha o de la hegemonía de Víctor Carranza en los años 80, desde mediados de los 90 hizo presencia la Casa Castaño. La masacre de Mapiripán en julio ...
josé gonzalo rodríguez gacha

Top 10 Richest Drug Dealers of All Time

PPcorn (blog) - 31 Dec 2015
Drugs are one of the biggest sources of income for those connected to cartels and other large-scale operations. These 10 richest drug dealers of all time made unbelievable amounts of money throughout the course of their lifetimes. Some of these stories ...
josé gonzalo rodríguez gacha

(I) Tranquilandia y las tierras de la familia Lara - 14 Dec 2017
De la noche a la mañana, estos se presentaron como dueños del hato Méjico y luego de El Recreo. Le dijeron a Rodríguez que se los habían comprado a los Lara, cuenta Rodríguez. Sin embargo, relata el campesino, el primer narcotraficante que se hizo ...
josé gonzalo rodríguez gacha

What 'Narcos' Gets Wrong About the War on Drugs

The New Republic - 30 Oct 2015
And his partner, Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha, depicted by Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzmán as a dopey goon with a gun fetish, was a driving force behind the anti-communist death squads that would later plunge Colombia into one of the deepest humanitarian ...
josé gonzalo rodríguez gacha

Medellin Cartel pilot inspires Fringe Arts shows

AL DIA News - 20 May 2015
He's been playing him, or rather his alias, Ellis MacKenzie, on the MundoFox show “Alias El Mexicano,” about José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha, a Colombian drug lord who was one of the leaders of the Medellin Cartel along with the Pablo Escobar and the ...
josé gonzalo rodríguez gacha

Pablo Escobar's Legacy, 20 Years Later

Huffington Post - 02 Dec 2013
He and his allies, such as the Ochoa brothers and Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, transformed the Medellin Cartel into a powerhouse within his country. (Incidentally, Jhon Jairo Velasquez Vasquez, AKA Popeye, one of Escobar's assassins, was freed this ...

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