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jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

Jung Yu-mi (born January 18, 1983) is a South Korean actress. J...

wikipedia - 17 Sep 2016
Jung Yu-mi (born January 18, 1983) is a South Korean actress. Jung made her feature film debut in Blossom Again (2005), for which she received acting recognition. She has since starred in the critically acclaimed films Family Ties (2006), Chaw (2009), My Dear Desperado (2010), and the box office hits The Crucible (2011) and Train to Busan (2016). She also frequently appears in films by auteur Hong Sang-soo, notably Oki's Movie (2010) and Our Sunhi (2013).
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

K-Drama Actors Who Have To Share Their Name

KDramaStars - 07 Apr 2015
But occasionally a newbie actor discovers that he or she shares a name and decided not to change it. That's why there are two actresses named Jung Yu Mi. The Jung Yu Mi that was born on January 18, 1983 is the one that appeared in "Discovery of Love.
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau dead at 89

Morung Express - 17 Jul 2017
“You know, I've always felt, pound for pound, I'm one of the best guys around; but you get stuck in people's eyes in a certain way, and it takes an imaginative director who will look at you and realize you can play different kinds of parts because you ...
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

'In Another Country' review: Blithe at heart

San Francisco Chronicle - 25 Jan 2013
There's a frame tale here - the vignettes are presented as the creation of a young screenwriter (Jung Yu-mi) whose family is having financial issues. Jung also plays a small role within the stories. In all the vignettes, Anne searches for a lighthouse ...
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

North Korea's Kim Jong Un not celebrating birthday this year

Daily News & Analysis - 08 Jan 2015
For years, the only clues about the young dictator's age came from the testimony of his father Kim Jong Il's chef Kenji Fujimoto, who remembers Kim Jong Un as a child, and says he was born in 1983. That date is consistent with Rodman's revelation in ...
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

Mother Teresa, a Teacher in the global classroom

Morung Express - 04 Sep 2016
Mother Teresa was not a scholar in the common parlance of the day but her few books such as, Life in the Spirit (1983), A Simple Path (1995), In My Own Words (1996), and No Greater Love (1997) do serve to reveal her deep spirituality as well as her ...
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

Rafael Hui: the rise and fall of a political powerbroker

South China Morning Post (subscription) - 19 Dec 2014
1948 Born in Macau to an influential family. Educated at Queen's College and University of Hong Kong. 1970 Government assistant education officer. 1971 Joins administrative service. 1974 Marries Teresa Lo. 1977 Seconded to Independent Commission ...
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

Locarno 2014: Carlo Chatrian, artistic director

Screen International - 31 Jul 2014
Chatrian is thrilled to welcome back French director Paul Vecchiali, jury president in 1983, and Argentinian director Martin Rejtman, who was first at Locarno with Rapado in 1992. Vecchiali's new ...
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

What exchange rate policy?

South China Morning Post - 10 Mar 2014
When I started to work for the People's Bank of China in 1983, the yuan was officially fixed at two to the dollar, while the rate in the black market was between seven and eight yuan. By the time I left the central bank six years later, the prevailing ...
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

The HK$1 trillion reason to keep Hong Kong's US dollar peg

South China Morning Post - 14 Oct 2013
Critics say the peg may have made sense in 1983, when Hong Kong's economy was still based on manufacturing for export. But today they blame the link to a weakened US currency for consumer inflation and sky-high property prices, as low interest rates ...
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

Tamil film industry's young directors: Wizards of the South

Daily News & Analysis - 11 Jun 2011
My university was Balu Mahendra,” says the director, crediting his success to the skills he picked up while assisting the iconic Sri Lankan-born Tamil filmmaker, whose Kokila (1978) and Moonram Pirai (1983) bagged national awards. Having started out as ...
jung yu mi (actress born 1983)

Raymond Aubrac, French Resistance hero - and traitor?

Daily News & Analysis - 13 Apr 2012
But she also claimed that they were unmarried and that the child would therefore be born illegitimate unless the Germans would allow them to conduct a secret wedding. This was a complete fabrication. But Lucie was used to telling lies, for she was ...

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