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jupiter (mythology)

Jupiter, also Jove (Latin: Iūpiter [ˈjuːpɪtɛr] or Iuppit...

wikipedia - 13 Nov 2016
Jupiter, also Jove (Latin: Iūpiter [ˈjuːpɪtɛr] or Iuppiter [ˈjʊppɪtɛr], gen. Iovis [ˈjɔwɪs]), is the god of sky and thunder and king of the gods in Ancient Roman religion and mythology. Jupiter was the chief deity of Roman state religion throughout the Republican and Imperial eras, until Christianity became the dominant religion of the Empire. In Roman mythology, he negotiates with Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome, to establish principles of Roman religion such as offering, or sacrifice
jupiter (mythology)

PSO's 'The Planets' colorful, vibrant, fresh

Tribune-Review - 01 Nov 2018
“The Planets” was first heard 100 years ago, and more inspired by the astrological significance of the planets than by astronomy or ancient mythology. Holst was a virtuoso trombonist who could play the piccolo solo from “Stars and ...
jupiter (mythology)

DINING 'Friends' pop-up, Avli opens, Chicago Wolves

Windy City Times - 14 Nov 2018
Paying homage to Greek tradition and mythology, the restaurant is meant to evoke Philoxenia, a welcoming of strangers and an eagerness to show hospitality; to present Meraki, putting the best of one's self into cooking and work; and to offer the ...
jupiter (mythology)

NIGHT WORDS: Mars, Saturn adorn evening sky; Venus blazes at dawn

Delco News Network - 31 Oct 2018
Jupiter reaches the end of its evening run this month; it sets by about 7 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on the 1st, or only about one hour after the Sun. By mid-month, Jupiter has become lost in the glow of dusk; it reaches conjunction with the Sun on the ...
jupiter (mythology)

The Next Full Moon is the Hunter's Moon

NASA Planetary Science (press release) - 18 Oct 2018
On the evening of the full Moon on October 24, 2018, at about 30 minutes after sunset (around 6:45 PM EDT for the Washington, DC area), the brightest planet visible, Jupiter, will appear in the west-southwest at about 7 degrees above the horizon, with ...
jupiter (mythology)

In Turkey have discovered Roman toilet with obscene images

The Siver Times - 09 Nov 2018
In the ancient city of Antioch Ad Cragum, located on the territory of modern Turkey, archaeologists found the ruins of a public restroom of the II century BC, whose walls are decorated with mosaics-parodies of Greco-Roman myths, writes the Chronicle ...
jupiter (mythology)

Juno's new Jupiter

Cosmos - 24 Jul 2018
In ancient Roman mythology, Jupiter, the king of the gods, had the ability to hide behind a veil of clouds. Only his wife, Juno, could see through. Today another Juno is peering through Jupiter's veil: the NASA spacecraft, launched in 2011, has been ...
jupiter (mythology)

Rings of Saturn, belts of Jupiter

San Diego Reader - 29 Aug 2018
But at least it will be domed, like the vault of the heavens in Greek mythology. Baby steps. The Sky Tonight is a monthly, astronomer-led planetarium show held at the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. Shows are held the first Wednesday of each month ...
jupiter (mythology)


NASA/JPL Edu News (press release) (blog) - 01 Feb 2018
Europa is named for the daughter of Agenor, in ancient Greek mythology. Europa was abducted by Zeus (the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Jupiter), who had taken the shape of a spotless white bull. Europa was so delighted by the gentle beast that she ...
jupiter (mythology)

Nigel Henbest;Michael Marten's The New Astronomy PDF

Wincanton Window (press release) (blog) - 26 Oct 2018
Utilizing mythology, archetypal symbolism, and a wealth of case histories, this learn presents new fabric and perception into the numerous features of this significant, transformative touch among the intimate and emotional Moon and the distant, deeply ...
jupiter (mythology)

Jupiter: king of the planets

Wiarton Echo - 06 Jun 2018
I have often wondered why the early astronomers with no telescopes to see Jupiter close up managed to attach their chief mythological figure to this planet. Zeus and Jupiter are the Greek and Roman names for the same god king, but this planet is one of ...
jupiter (mythology)

NASA just cracked a great nerd joke 400 years in the making

The Daily Dot - 05 Jul 2016
Back in the early 1600s, Galileo and another less-known astronomer, Simon Marius, noted the largest four of Jupiter's 67 moons. They were named after four of the mythological god Jupiter's many paramours. If you're not up on your Greco-Roman mythology, ...
jupiter (mythology)

Every Zodiac Sign Has A Ruling Planet & This Is Yours

Elite Daily - 16 May 2018
Dreamy and artistic Pisces would of course be ruled by two planets: Neptune and Jupiter. In astrology, Neptune rules over the dream realm, creativity, fantasies, and deceptions. In Roman mythology, it is the god of the sea. Pisces' other planet ...
jupiter (mythology)

Sky Watch: Jupiter is on the night shift

TwinCities.com-Pioneer Press - 13 May 2018
It's not a star, but rather the big guy of our solar system, the planet Jupiter. The 88,000-mile wide planet, named after the king of the gods in Roman mythology, is not only visible all night long right now, it's also at its closest approach to Earth ...
jupiter (mythology)

What's Jupiter Hiding?

GotScience.org - 22 Feb 2018
The Juno spacecraft currently orbiting Jupiter is appropriately named. In Roman mythology, Jupiter created a veil of clouds to hide his escapades with Io from his wife, Juno, but Juno was able to peer through the clouds and foil his plan. The Juno ...
jupiter (mythology)

Jupiter's Magnetic Field Is Super Weird and Has Two South Poles

Smithsonian - 07 Sep 2018
Researchers have known for awhile that Jupiter has a huge magnetic field that dwarfs our own. Most assumed that the field was similar to Earth's with magnetic force lines exiting one pole of the planet and re-entering at the other pole, creating north ...

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