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kaci hickox

NJ settles suit filed by Maine nurse

Press Herald - 28 Jul 2017
NEWARK, N.J. — New Jersey agreed to put in place new rules regarding quarantines after a nurse who was quarantined in 2014 after working in Sierra Leone ...
kaci hickox

Ebola Fears Raise Quarantine Questions

Everyday Health - 04 Nov 2014
The Ebola outbreak has sparked a debate over if, when, and how quarantines should be implemented to prevent spread of the disease. A judge in Maine last ...
kaci hickox

Maine's top stories of the year

Bangor Daily News - 29 Dec 2014
The top stories of 2014 have two dominant themes: the accomplishments of individuals and turmoil in our institutions. The year was memorable for the people ...
kaci hickox

Zika risks are small: Column

USA TODAY - 14 Apr 2016
South Korea last month joined the growing list of countries with a confirmed case of Zika virus. Since the World Health Organization declared the virus a global ...
kaci hickox

The Ebola Hysteria

New York Times - 29 Oct 2014
The absolute hysteria surrounding the Ebola crisis underscores what is wrong with our politics and the policies they spawn. On Ebola, the possible has ...
kaci hickox

Patient in N.J. dies of Lassa Fever

NJ.com - 25 May 2015
A U.S. traveler who recently returned from Liberia has died in a New Jersey hospital, in what the CDC says is only the sixth case of the hemorrhagic fever on ...
kaci hickox

Ebola: understanding when to quarantine

Medical Xpress - 10 Nov 2014
To quarantine or not to quarantine? That is the question that surrounded nurse Kaci Hickox after she returned to the United States from Sierra Leone where she ...
kaci hickox

The 8 most bogus health claims of 2014

Vox - 23 Dec 2014
From the Ebola quarantine wars to exercises that will add length to your legs and healthy e-cigarettes, these were the worst attacks on science and reason this ...
kaci hickox

The Latest: Ebola in the United States

The Atlantic - 20 Nov 2014
In late September, Thomas Duncan became the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. Two hospital workers who treated him also became infected, ...
kaci hickox

When I Wanted To Be Quarantined

TIME - 07 Nov 2014
I walked through a hospital door marked “Nuclear Medicine Department” knowing that when I left, I'd be radioactive. It took just a few minutes for the doctor to ...

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