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We Ranked The Top 50 Canon And Non-Canon Marvel Movie Villains

Zimbio - 25 Jul 2018
Dormammu's man on the ground, Kaecilius wants to bring the Dark Dimension to ours so he can become immortal. So he's got high hopes (and cool eye shadow). He's like a bizarro version of Doctor Strange which makes him cool, and he's played by the ...

Twists in the MCU no one saw coming

Looper - 26 Sep 2018
Suddenly, we understand why Kaecilius called his old teacher a "hypocrite" in the opening battle scene. Even though the Ancient One has warned her acolytes away from the Dark Dimension, she's been using its energy to prolong her life. That sets up ...


A.V. Club - 13 Apr 2017
His story: As seen in Doctor Strange, Kaecilius came to the Ancient One in hopes of learning more about the supposed inevitability of death. He eventually became frustrated with the Ancient One's teachings after realizing she was using powers from the ...

Doctor Strange Deleted Scene Shows Kaecilius Contacting Dormammu

Cinema Blend - 09 Feb 2017
While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is populated with many benevolent sorcerers, occasionally one turns their back on the pack to fulfill their own agenda. In Doctor Strange, that was Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius, who led a group of zealots in an attempt ...

Marvel movie villains who are gorgeous in real life

Nicki Swift - 03 Oct 2018
The latter would allow him to appear mostly true to his real-life form, but to become Kaecilius for the MCU, he had submit to some serious makeup that created a purple and gray raccoon mask effect to signify his allegiance to Dormammu and the dark ...

'Doctor Strange' Prelude Suggests Kaecilius Isn't Exactly Evil

Inverse - 17 Oct 2016
The first prelude comic for Doctor Strange explores the life and changing beliefs of Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen), whom Pilgrim is reticent to call a “villain,” even as he appears in Marvel's upcoming film. “Kaecilius is already damaged when we meet him ...

25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change Doctor Strange

Screen Rant - 10 Sep 2018
Just as Kaecilius was about to strike down Doctor Strange during their fight within the Mirror Dimension, the Ancient One arrived to save the day. She stopped Kaecilius from taking Strange's life, during which Mordo realized that she does draw power ...

Mads Mikkelsen

IMDb - 28 Feb 2015
Mads Mikkelsen is a synonym to the great success the Danish film industry has had since the mid-1990s. He was born in Østerbro, Copenhagen, to Bente Christiansen, a nurse, and Henning Mikkelsen, a banker. Starting out as a low-life pusher/junkie in the ...

Why Kaecilius is one of the most under-rated villains in the MCU

Comic Book Movie (satire) (press release) (blog) - 16 Mar 2017
In the end though, the life without end promised by Dornammu is revealed to be a fate worse than death. Keacilius and the Zealots are transformed into Mindless Ones. These are servents of Dormammu who lack minds, souls, and individuality. Kaecilius ...

Doctor Strange Fights Kaecilius And His Zealots In New Concept Art

Comicbook.com - 03 Dec 2016
Since Marvel's Doctor Strange was released a month ago, the Scott Derrickson-helmed film has scooped-up $208.8 million at the North American box office, surpassing Thor: The Dark World's domestic cume ($206.3 million) and becoming the ninth-highest ...

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