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Katherine Webb: Swimsuit Model Engaged To AJ McCarron

Hollywood Life - 29 Mar 2014
Katherine Webb, 24, is now engaged to former University of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, 23. Surely disappointing legions of admirers, Katherine tweeted out the news to her 300k+ followers on March 28 — along with a photo of the enormous rock.
katherine webb

College kids love Ajian, a restaurant with an offensive name

AL.com - 15 Aug 2017
In the end, McCarron's wife, Katherine Webb, loved the name, according to Zimmer. Since Webb was once Miss Alabama USA, I feel it's appropriate to point out that she does not speak for the entire state. McCarron wasn't immediately available for comment ...
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SEC Country review: AJ McCarron's new sushi restaurant Ajian

SECcountry.com - 09 Aug 2017
If Zimmer and McCarron decided to open a location on the Plains, Katherine Webb McCarron – former Miss Alabama USA (2012), Auburn graduate and McCarron's wife – would be the face of that store. While McCarron didn't attend the opening Tuesday ...
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Brent Musburger still thinks Katherine Webb controversy was silly

Sports Illustrated - 27 Jun 2017
Brent Musburger famously called Katherine Webb (now Katherine McCarron) "lovely" and a "beautiful woman" during a national title game four-and-a-half years ago. Some people were offended by the remarks, and the now-retired broadcast legend still to ...
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Brent Musburger is still a huge Katherine Webb admirer

New York Post - 28 Jun 2017
Brent Musburger left ESPN in January, but his legacy lives on: the good, the bad and the googly-eyed. Speaking with SECCountry.com, the retired broadcaster recalled the 2013 BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame, during which the ...
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Pod słońcem pustyni

Lubimyczytac.pl - 16 Aug 2017
Katherine Webb nie stworzyła jeszcze nigdy tak mocnych, silnych kobiecych bohaterek, a wydźwięk jej powieści jeszcze nigdy nie był tak profeministyczny jak w „Angielce”. Mamy tu też mocne przesłanie o dążeniu do własnych celów i nie rezygnowaniu z ...

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