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Kay Hagan's North Carolina Crash

Daily Beast - 04 Nov 2014
North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan took her place amid the carnage of the Democratic Party's losses Tuesday night, losing her Senate seat 49 percent to 47 percent to the state's Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis. The Hagan-Tillis race had the distinction ...
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Former Sen. Kay Hagan hospitalized

News & Observer - 10 Dec 2016
Former U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan has been in an intensive care unit for about two days since she suddenly became ill and was taken to a Washington, D.C., hospital.
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Hagan recovering from encephalitis in NC

News & Observer - 06 Jan 2017
Former North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan is back in North Carolina recovering from a bout with encephalitis. The brain inflammation is typically caused by a virus.
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Why Kay Hagan Lost In North Carolina

Huffington Post - 13 Nov 2014
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — When the smoke cleared, the most expensive contest of 2014 had become the costliest Senate race in U.S. history. More than $111 ...
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NRA donations to Richard Burr, Thom Tillis

The News & Observer - 15 Feb 2018
North Carolina's two senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, have been among the biggest recipients of NRA money. Federal gun laws are under scrutiny after ...
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Fairfax County home sales

Washington Post - 04 Dec 2018
These sales data recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential ...
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Hagan slams the Koch brothers

Politico - 13 Feb 2014
Vulnerable Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan shrugged off the massive amounts of money being spent in her race by a group backed by the Koch brothers, saying ...
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Hagan hits, then embraces Obama

Politico - 26 Aug 2014
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan beat up President Barack Obama before he arrived in town, then showed up at the airport to give him a kiss ...
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Kay Hagan DNC speech (text)

Politico - 06 Sep 2012
As prepared for delivery: It's an honor to welcome everyone to North Carolina. I hope those of you who are visiting us have had a chance to experience our ...
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Sizing Up the Florida Senate Race

RealClearPolitics - 28 Aug 2018
As Florida holds its primary today, the Senate race there is emerging as a potential bright spot for the GOP in an otherwise dismal-looking year. The Republican ...
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Kay Hagan

U.S. News & World Report - 04 Nov 2008
1. Kay Hagan was born on May 26, 1953, in Shelby, N.C. Her father, Joe Ruthven, was a tire salesman and her mother, Jeanette Chiles Ruthven, was a ...
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Keep ticks on your mind... and off of you

News & Observer - 21 Jun 2017
Above-average winter temperatures and an expansion of tick geographical ranges have led to concerns that a rare tick-borne disease could be on the rise, but ...
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Education front and center in NC

Politico - 15 Oct 2014
If Democrats learn one thing from Sen. Kay Hagan's reelection campaign in North Carolina, it's that focusing on hot-button local issues can reap big rewards.
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Kay Hagan on the Ropes

National Review Online - 12 Nov 2013
The Obamacare rollout has been almost universally problematic, but North Carolina is having a particularly rough time, which could spell trouble for Senator Kay ...
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Opinion | The Democratic Panic

New York Times - 21 Oct 2014
In hopes of preserving control of the United States Senate, Democratic candidates are keeping their distance from President Obama's best policies, but that's a ...
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The Secret History of Women in the Senate

Politico - 27 Oct 2017
Kay Hagan just wanted to swim. It was late 2008, and the Democrat was newly arrived on Capitol Hill as North Carolina's junior senator-elect. But Hagan was ...
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Kay Hagan’s Bad Math

Wall Street Journal - 17 Oct 2014
A case study in one of the great scams in American politics, writes the Wall Street Journal in an editorial.
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Dole’s ‘Godless’ ad causes stir

CNN Political Ticker - 29 Oct 2008
(CNN) - The already-contentious North Carolina Senate race took a brutal turn Wednesday after incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Dole released a television ad ...
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Senator Hagan visits Cherokee

Cherokee One Feather - 07 Aug 2014
By SCOTT MCKIE B.P.. ONE FEATHER STAFF. Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) visited Cherokee on Wednesday, Aug. 6 and met with tribal leaders while touring sites ...
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Thom Tillis on Obama, DC and media critics

Charlotte Business Journal - 07 Jan 2015
This week, the 114th Congress reported to work in Washington. Among the freshmen on Capitol Hill: Thom Tillis, the former state House speaker in North ...

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