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kazakh alphabets

CSTO members fail to select new Secretary General in Astana

Belsat - 09 Nov 2018
The decision to appoint a new CSTO Secretary General was postponed until the next meeting of the presidents, to be held in December in St. Petersburg. The President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, told BelTA about this at the summit in Astana.
kazakh alphabets

Kazakhstan adopts new version of Latin-based Kazakh alphabet

Astana Times - 26 Feb 2018
ASTANA – President Nursultan Nazarbayev amended his Oct. 26, 2017 decree concerning the transition of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin script, which if kept, would have put into effect a Latin-script alphabet with 32 letters including nine ...
kazakh alphabets

The cost of changing an entire country's alphabet

BBC News - 25 Apr 2018
The government signed off on a new alphabet, based on a Latin script instead of Kazakhstan's current use of Cyrillic, in October. But it has faced vocal criticism from the population – a rare occurrence in this nominally democratic country ruled by ...
kazakh alphabets

Kazakhstan Cheers New Alphabet, Except for All Those Apostrophes

New York Times - 15 Jan 2018
The Kazakh language is currently written using a modified version of Cyrillic, a legacy of Soviet rule, but Mr. Nazarbayev announced in May that the Russian alphabet would be dumped in favor of a new script based on the Latin alphabet. This, he said ...
kazakh alphabets

Switching to Latin alphabet further opens Kazakhstan to the world

Astana Times - 13 Mar 2018
In October 2017, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree, which was amended recently, on the phased transition of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic into Latin script by 2025. By that year, Latin letters will be used in all official ...
kazakh alphabets

Au Kazakhstan, un changement de A à Z

Libération - 18 Oct 2018
En octobre 2017, il a répondu à un appel à projets lancé par le Président : qui le voulait pouvait proposer une version du nouvel alphabet kazakh en lettres latines. Avec un groupe d'étudiants en linguistique comme lui, Bibarys a planché tous les jours ...
kazakh alphabets

Apostrophes trip up Kazakhstan's move away from Russian alphabet - 20 Jan 2018
In April, Kazakhstan's president of 27 years, Nursultan Nazarbayev, ordered the government to prepare a new Kazakh alphabet based on Latin characters and ditch the one based on Russia's Cyrillic script, which the Soviets implemented in 1940. He has ...
kazakh alphabets

Kazakhstan is changing its alphabet – here's why

The Conversation UK - 21 Nov 2017
Kazakhstan is to adopt a new alphabet, replacing the Russian Cyrillic script with the alphabet you are reading at the moment. This was announced in October by the Kazakh president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who signed decree Number 569, which also sets ...
kazakh alphabets

Kazakhstan embraces Latin script in break with past

Malay Mail - 05 Oct 2018
Arman Baikadam, whose business supports online education projects in the country, warned that Kazakhstan could be committing “a historic mistake” after introducing the latest 32-letter version of the alphabet in February. “We should have a 26-letter ...
kazakh alphabets

Alphabet soup as Kazakh leader orders switch to Latin letters

Reuters - 26 Oct 2017
Kazakh, a Turkic language, used to be written in Arabic script until the 1920s when the Soviet Union briefly introduced a Latin alphabet for it. This was later replaced by a Cyrillic one in 1940, based on the Russian alphabet. Part of the latest switch ...
kazakh alphabets

Phased plan developed to transfer Kazakh alphabet to Latin script

Astana Times - 15 Feb 2018
ASTANA – A draft action plan has been developed detailing the phased transfer of the Kazakh alphabet to Latin script by 2025. Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan, a special project within the Ruhani Janghyru (Modernisation of Kazakhstan) programme, is also ...

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