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Kazakh (natively qazaq tili, qazaqs'a, қазақ тілі, қазақша, قاز...

wikipedia - 01 Nov 2017
Kazakh (natively qazaq tili, qazaqs'a, қазақ тілі, қазақша, قازاق ٴتىلى‎, قازاقشا‎; pronounced [qɑˈzɑq tɘˈlɘ]) belongs to the Kipchak branch of the Turkic languages. It is closely related to Nogai, Kyrgyz, and especially Karakalpak. Kazakh is the official language of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a significant minority language in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang, China and in the Bayan-Ölgii Province of Mongolia. Kazakh is also spoken by many ethnic Kazakhs through the former Soviet
kazakh language

Cairo University launches Kazakh language programme

Astana Times - 18 Oct 2018
It is expected that the Kazakh language programme will be introduced in other Egyptian universities including Al-Azhar University in the future,” said Issagaliyev. The ambassador noted that Egypt supports all international and regional initiatives of ...
kazakh language

External News in Brief

Astana Times - 23 Oct 2018
Cairo University recently launched a Kazakh language programme, reported Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Egypt Arman Issagaliyev at an Oct. 12 briefing. “This is an important event. The programme will start at the faculty of literature from the 2018-2019 ...
kazakh language

Kazakh literature anthologies to be published in Chinese, Arabic languages

http://www.inform.kz/sitemap_en.xml (press release) - 22 Oct 2018
China International Publishing Group is a state translation structure which annually publishes 20million copies of fiction in languages of 56 ethnic groups living in China. Kazakh editorial office has been functioning in the publishing house since 1953.
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Center of Kazakh culture opens doors in Turkey

http://www.inform.kz/sitemap_en.xml (press release) - 17 Oct 2018
Along with concerts and exhibitions, we are planning to organize the Kazakh language courses, dombra lessons and many other things," she said in conclusion. Keywords: Culture, Kazakhstan and Turkey,. Share in: ВКонтакте · Facebook · Одноклассники ...
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Kazakhstan embraces Latin script in break with past

FRANCE 24 - 05 Oct 2018
Number 76 is one of several pilot schools in the city where a Latin alphabet consisting of 32 letters is being test driven for the country's state language, Kazakh, which has been written in Cyrillic for nearly 80 years. The long-planned return to ...
kazakh language

Toqayev: Our goal is to fulfill Presidential instructions

http://www.inform.kz/sitemap_en.xml (press release) - 22 Oct 2018
Toqayev emphasized that it is necessary to focus on the study of the Kazakh language from kindergarten and primary school. At the same time, we should be fluent in Russian as well. As an example, the Senate Speaker recalled that Lee Kuan Yew, the ...
kazakh language

Qonyr Auliye underground cave becoming popular tourist attraction

Astana Times - 16 Oct 2018
The cave is located in the Aktas Mountains on the right bank of the Shagan River in Abai district of the East Kazakhstan region. From the Kazakh language, the name of Aktas Mountain means “white stone” that reflects the appearance of the chalk mountain.
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Tokayev: Our goal is to fulfill Presidential instructions

http://www.inform.kz/sitemap_en.xml (press release) - 20 Oct 2018
According to some linguists, English is not just a language but a means of global communication," the Speaker said. Tokayev emphasized that it is necessary to focus on the study of the Kazakh language from kindergarten and primary school. At the same ...
kazakh language

New expedition to revive ancient Khan Zholy

Astana Times - 28 Sep 2018
If we take into account that the word 'kara' in the Kazakh language can have the meaning 'sacred, ancient, big and others', the meaning of the phrase 'Abylaidy Kara Zholy' is 'a well-known direct caravan path,'” said International Kazakh-Turkish ...
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Kazakh researcher: EU is like a dog with an Elizabethan collar

EURACTIV - 10 Oct 2018
For the Kazakh mentality such language is unusual. Kazakhstan has excellent relations with Turkey, but Turkey is also changing. How do you see this change? It's a difficult question. A couple of years ago I could say that Turkey is trying to fend off ...
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Rebuilding the Silk Road

Global Times - 11 Oct 2018
Yang Lei, the Chinese chief of the Confucius Institute at the Eurasian National University in Kazakhstan, told the Global Times that the country has a strong need for people who know the Chinese language in all fields, including law, foreign affairs, ...
kazakh language

Kazakh poetry and prose anthology in Arabic to be published in Egypt

http://www.inform.kz/sitemap_en.xml (press release) - 12 Oct 2018
ASTANA. KAZINFORM "The Kazakh poetry and prose anthology in the Arabic language will be released next year in Egypt," Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Egypt Arman Issagaliyev said at today's briefing held at the Kazakh ...
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Kazakh, Uzbek close ties stand test of time, says Uzbek ambassador

Astana Times - 06 Oct 2018
The language culture and language itself are very similar. We lived close to each other, worked and raised our children and we have never had any disagreements and this has been so until the present. We supported each other through difficult times in ...
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Astana can now boast a new attraction - the Peace Wall

http://kazakh-tv.kz/ - 05 Oct 2018
The wall is 111 long and 17.5 meters high. The monument symbolizes the unity and harmony of all nationalities living in Kazakhstan's territory. The semantic decoration of the complex is the 'Peace' inscription in 51 different languages. The project is ...
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AIFC, Eurasian National University sign MoU

http://www.inform.kz/sitemap_en.xml (press release) - 10 Oct 2018
L.N. Gumilyov ENU is one of the leading classical universities in Kazakhstan. Educational activity in ENU is conducted on a three-level system of training: bachelor's degree - master's degree- doctoral PhD in Russian and Kazakh languages only in full ...

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