Kendrick Lamar Promises 'Aggression and Emotion' on 'good kid' Follow-Up -
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The story behind Kendrick Lamar's Gordon Parks exhibition

The Guardian - 13 Dec 2017
Now, these photos and more are on view in a photo exhibition entitled Element: Gordon Parks and Kendrick Lamar at the Gordon Parks Foundation in Pleasantville, New York, which runs until 9 February. Even though Lamar's music video pays tribute to Parks ...
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Jeezy drops 'Pressure' with a spotlight on J. Cole and NC producer

News & Observer - 15 Dec 2017
Jeezy's new album “Pressure,” released Friday, has some of the biggest names in the business as cameo guests, including Kendrick Lamar and Puff Daddy – and also some solid North Carolina content. Along with Fayetteville's J. Cole guesting with Lamar on ...
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Jeezy, J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar Get Political on 'American Dream'

Billboard - 14 Dec 2017
The highly anticipated cut "American Dream," from Jeezy's upcoming album Pressure, was a clear standout on the track list for two reasons: J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. After teasing a snippet of the track recently, Jeezy treated fans to an early listen ...
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While you were sleeping, 9th Wonder dropped his newest album

News & Observer - 15 Dec 2017
9th Wonder, Grammy-winning producer of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar, releases "Zion II" | News & Observer · Local News · Sports · Living · Classifieds · Mostly sunny. 25°. Full Menu. Mostly sunny. 25°. Customer Service. Customer Service · Support ...
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Taylor Swift's Collaborations, Ranked: Critic's Take

Billboard - 15 Dec 2017
Taylor Swift is the queen of the pop world on her own, so when she joins forces with other artists -- especially ones at the top of their game, like Ed Sheeran and Kendrick Lamar -- the songs are automatically gold. Big or small, artists who work with ...
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Grammy Nominations 2018: Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar Lead the Way

New York Times - 28 Nov 2017
Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar are the top contenders for the 60th annual Grammy Awards, leading a crop of nominations that is heavy on hip-hop and R&B but has left some mainstream pop stars, including Ed Sheeran, shut out of major prizes. Jay-Z got eight ...
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4 Wildest Fan Theories About Kendrick Lamar's 'DAMN.' Album

Billboard - 05 Dec 2017
Kendrick Lamar knows how to get the people -- or his “KenFolk” -- talking. It all started with “The Heart Part 4,” a scathing, nearly five-minute track teasing his imminent return to music and warning his counterparts. “You know what time it is, ante ...
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Why Kendrick Lamar just re-released DAMN. in reverse

The Independent - 08 Dec 2017
It's one of my favorite rhythms and tempos within the album. It's something that we definitely premeditate while we're in the studio." He continued of the reverse order: "I don't think the story necessarily changes, I think the feel changes. The ...
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Run the Jewels, Ted Leo, Kendrick Lamar top the pop recordings

Chicago Tribune - 09 Dec 2017
Ted Leo, “The Hanged Man” (self-released): The veteran indie-punk singer-guitarist makes his finest, most diverse album yet in a career that stretches back to the '80s, a devastating mix of deeply personal ballads, baroque pop arrangements and brisk ...
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The Best Albums of 2017

Variety - 15 Dec 2017
Looking back through the dense media mist of the befuddling and seemingly endless 2017, our mid-year music special notes an unusual if obvious trend: The most popular genres of music — hip-hop/R&B and pop — are also the primary incubators of ...
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Why I'm not a fan of Kendrick Lamar

The Voice Online - 15 Dec 2017
I LOVE Rap music. Always have. Always will. I could talk about the art form for centuries. I could discuss whether I agree or disagree with your top 5, who won out of Jay-Z and Nas or the contrasts between the old and new Kanye. There aren't many ...

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