Kevin Ollie Will Contest UConn's Dubious, Non-Specific "For Cause" Termination -
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Kevin Rennie: Kevin Ollie Getting Bad Bounce From UConn

Hartford Courant - 23 Aug 2018
You may think the ugliest political battle in the state unfurls itself with negative commercials on your TV screen. You're wrong. The nastiest battle in Connecticut politics is the one UConn is waging against former men's basketball coach Kevin Ollie ...
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Ranked: Top 11 Players of the Kevin Ollie Era

A Dime Back (blog) - 20 Aug 2018
Napier was the best player (and possibly the coach?) on UConn's 2014 championship team. He's the only first round draft pick of the Ollie era. He averaged the most points (17.6), assists (4.8) and steals (1.9) of any player since 2012-13. And he was ...
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Owen Canfield: A good reminder Ollie has a personal life as well

Torrington Register Citizen - 21 Aug 2018
The sports column by Hearst Media's Jeff Jacobs that appeared in Monday's Register Citizen offered a sympathetic, or at least an understanding, look at Kevin Ollie and Ollie's current situation. Jacobs, a friend, former colleague and a writer who ...
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UConn should stop fighting Ollie over money owed

Journal Inquirer - 30 Aug 2018
We rarely agree with the Hartford Courant's Kevin Rennie, but Rennie's column the other day on UConn's treatment of former men's basketball coach Kevin Ollie provides a clear perspective on Ollie's poor treatment by the university. Rennie mentions ...
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UConn Basketball: Goals for Jalen Adams going into 2018-19

Busting Brackets - 24 Aug 2018
How will he perform in his final season? UConn basketball last year was not able to win the AAC tournament and they were not able to make it to the NCAA tournament. That resulted in head coach Kevin Ollie being fired. The new head coach is Dan Hurley.
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UConn Basketball: Analyzing the Huskies' 2018-19 rotation

Busting Brackets - 02 Sep 2018
Despite winning an NCAA Tournament championship in 2014, Kevin Ollie wasn't able to hold on to his job with UConn Basketball. After three straight seasons with 15+ losses, including back-to-back years not going to the Big Dance. For a program with ...
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What's Next For Kevin Ollie And UConn? We Asked Lawyers To Weigh In

Hartford Courant - 08 Aug 2018
It was apparent within hours of Kevin Ollie's firing five months ago that UConn officials and the former coach would not have a clean separation with $10 million still on the line. The firing came after UConn wrapped up its second straight losing season.
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Ray Allen: UConn Needs To Do Right By Kevin Ollie

Hartford Courant - 02 Aug 2018
The documents also included transcripts of an ongoing NCAA investigation which included unsubstantiated allegations of infractions, prompting Ollie's lawyers to demand a retraction and threaten a lawsuit. Kevin Ollie Threatens Lawsuit Against UConn, ...
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Kevin Ollie Charges UConn With Violating His Right To Due Process

Hartford Courant - 18 Apr 2018
“From our review of the facts and circumstances relating to Coach Ollie's employment status, it is apparent that the University of Connecticut has already violated his rights under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution by ...
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What's behind the bitter fight between Kevin Ollie and UConn?

ESPN - 03 Jul 2018
The once-blissful union between Connecticut and Kevin Ollie came to a bitter end after last season, and their divorce gets uglier by the day. It will be months before an arbitrator will finalize the terms of the split, but neither side will emerge ...

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