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Del Toro's 'Shape of Water' lands a leading 13 Oscar nods

KERO 23ABC News - 23 Jan 2018
Gerwig follows only Lina Wertmuller, Jane Campion, Sofia Coppola and Kathryn Bigelow, the sole woman to win (for "The Hurt Locker"). Also nominated for best director was "Get Out" director Jordan Peele. He becomes the fifth black filmmaker nominated ...
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Dave Chappelle: Watching 'Key & Peele' 'Hurts My Feelings'

Variety - 20 Mar 2017
Dave Chappelle has certainly never been one to shy away from controversy, and in his latest interview to promote his new comedy special on Netflix, the comedian addressed his feud with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, and his departure from Comedy ...
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Key & Peele Is Coming to an End at Comedy Central

TIME - 25 Jul 2015
The critically acclaimed Comedy Central series Key & Peele will soon end, Keegan-Michael Key announced. Its current season will be its last. The show's co-creator shared the news with The Wrap, explaining, “It was just time for us to explore other ...
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Watch Key & Peele Salute Obama With Final 'Anger Translator' Skit - 06 Jan 2017
Watch Key & Peele Salute Obama With Final 'Anger Translator' Skit. News · Video · Music · Politics · TV · Movies · Video Games · RS Country · RS Hip-Hop. More. News · Video · Music · Politics · TV · Movies · Video Games · RS Country · RS Hip-Hop ...
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Emmys 2016: Key & Peele promise to work together again

Entertainment Weekly - 19 Sep 2016
Riding high off Key & Peele's Emmys win for Best Variety Sketch Series, fans of the late Comedy Central series were treated to some good news from the two stars: They'll find find a way to work together again and again. After claiming their trophies ...
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You Can Now Watch Every Single Key & Peele Sketch Ever Online

GQ Magazine - 09 Jun 2016
This is probably my favorite comedy sketch of all time, and it's the epitome of what Key and Peele do best: sketches you can watch 100 times and still find hilarious. Key and Peele play slaves who desperately want freedom, but also want to be chosen by ...
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Jordan Peele surprises UCLA class inspired by hit film 'Get Out'

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 13 Oct 2017
So, BOOM: we planned it to the minute (with help from Eboni Shaw in the African-American Studies office). He arrived on campus early (in a hoodie AND baseball cap as a disguise), and we ushered him to a quiet dean's office while I went to start the ...
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Key & Peele: Keegan-Michael Key picks favorite sketches

Entertainment Weekly - 02 Aug 2016
Today is a nooice day for Key & Peele fans: The complete series is now available on DVD. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's beloved sketch show only ran for five seasons over three years, but it left a considerable footprint on the comedy world ...
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Key & Peele really want their own 'Fargo' spinoff

Entertainment Weekly - 15 Apr 2016
Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele appeared during the first season of Fargo, playing a pair of FBI agents investigating Billy Bob Thornton's murderous Lorne Malvo. But while the duo didn't costar in the show's second season — which took place years ...
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Was Dave Chappelle Right About Key & Peele?

Complex - 03 Oct 2016
Over the weekend, Dave Chappelle emerged from his secret underground bunker to make an appearance at The Roots Picnic in New York City. He took photos with celebrities and got mad at anyone with a cell phone in his line of sight, but also, he took a ...
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We Really Need to Talk About That Get Out Ending

WIRED - 01 Mar 2017
WIRED senior editor Peter Rubin and writer Kelli Rubin (yes, they're married) saw the movie on opening night, and they've got some thoughts. Peter Rubin: First off, Kelli, I have a hard time thinking of the last time we were both so excited for the ...
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What's streaming on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon in November

CNN - 31 Oct 2017
(CNN) Ah, November. It's the month of Thanksgiving abundance, cool temps and hot streaming offerings. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now and Acorn TV have plenty to feast on this month. Click through the gallery above to just some of what is ...
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Key & Peele VMAs opening dinged on Twitter

Entertainment Weekly - 29 Aug 2016
This year's VMAs had no hosts, but Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele acted as announcers during the opening segment, playing their characters @TheShamester and @LizardSheeple. As the social media stars, Key and Peele commented on the VMAs broadcast ...
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'Black Panther' Cast Recreates #GetOutChallenge With Daniel Kaluuya

Huffington Post - 11 Apr 2017
The “Black Panther” cast recreated the running scene from Jordan Peele's film “Get Out” with none other than the movie's star Daniel Kaluuya. Lupita Nyong'o, who will also star in 2018's “Black Panther” alongside Kaluuya, posted an Instagram video of ...
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Keegan-Michael Key Revives Obama's Anger Translator on 'Colbert'

Billboard - 19 Jul 2017
Stephen Colbert took advantage of having Keegan-Michael Key on The Late Show to ask the Key & Peele alum to bring back his Luther character, former President Barack Obama's anger translator. Colbert pointed out that since President Donald Trump has ...
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Key & Peele's 'Substitute Teacher' to be a movie

Entertainment Weekly (blog) - 25 Mar 2015
Paramount has signed on for a movie version of the duo's popular sketch “Substitute Teacher” from their Comedy Central series, the studio confirmed today. (Deadline first reported the news.) Written by Key & Peele co-producers Rich Talarico and Alex ...
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Key & Peele Sportscenter spoof makes teachers the stars

Entertainment Weekly (blog) - 29 Jul 2015
It's no secret that there's a pay disparity between America's biggest sports stars and its teachers. But Key & Peele have given fans a look at what the world might look like if teachers were elevated to the same level with TeachingCenter. It looks like ...

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