The Kickstarter Potato Salad Guy Should Probably Give the Money to Charity -

Kickstarter CEO to talk 'good ideas' in Mississippi

Jackson Clarion Ledger - 16 Aug 2017
Like its contemporaries Indiegogo, Patreon and GoFundMe, Kickstarter offers potential donors with tiered options for giving. CEO Yancey Strickler has himself invested in more than 2,000 projects, and Kickstarter has funded more than 200 projects in ...

Doc's Friends Launch Kickstarter Campaign

AVweb - 17 Aug 2017
Doc, the beautifully restored B-29 based in Wichita, made a lot of new friends last month with a full week of appearances and flights at EAA AirVenture — so Doc's Friends, the nonprofit group that supports the project, is making the most of that, with ...

How This Ex-Uber Employee Found Major Kickstarter Success - 15 Aug 2017
Launching a new company is never easy, especially if it requires you to front costs for manufacturing, samples and inventory. Before crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo gained such swift popularity, founders were virtually on their own ...

Sumner musician launches Kickstarter to fund music videos

Enumclaw Courier-Herald - 16 Aug 2017
To raise enough money to finance these videos, Lauren launched a Kickstarter on Aug. 4, asking community members and those who appreciate her music to donate to the overall project in exchange for various rewards — everything from receiving three ...

Why Fidget Cubes are stressing some investors

CBS News - 16 Aug 2017
When Antsy Labs introduced the Fidget Cube on Kickstarter last year, it found it had a hit. The product, which aims to calm users by offering various tactile features that spin, roll and click, raised more than $6 million in one of the most successful ...

Steal What You Can: Heist Comic 'Out Of Sight' On Kickstarter

Bleeding Cool News - 16 Aug 2017
Our comic, Out of Sight, a tale of invisibility and theft, is currently on Kickstarter. Starting at €5, it's a steal! (Sorry.) It's the story of an art thief, Taylor, who gets caught on a heist. He's bailed from jail by his boss, a man who nobody wants ...

Meet the Astrophysicist Who's Using Kickstarter to Save Science

Futurism - 15 Aug 2017
When a major scientific discovery is made, or a new technological breakthrough is achieved, we want to know the who as much as the how. From Einstein's tireless work at a patent office to Ben Franklin's kite tied to a key—we're as captivated by the ...

Kickstarter alternatives: Choosing a crowdfunding platform

CNET - 10 Aug 2017
There are some key differences: Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo has no application or approval process for starting a campaign. With Kickstarter, a creator only keeps the money raised if the campaign is successful. With Indiegogo, you have two options ...

Shonin's wearable Streamcam simplifies personal security

Engadget - 16 Aug 2017
The Kickstarter campaign has already raised $116,642 of its initial $30,000 target. If the $150,000 stretch goal is hit, the team promises to add software-based image stabilization. Currently, two early bird backing tiers have yet to sell out. $169 ...

Tabletop Gaming Subscription Box QST Kickstarter Revealed

TechRaptor - 16 Aug 2017
Yesterday Cory Jones, gaming industry veteran, announced the launch of his Kickstarter for a Tabletop Gaming Subscription box. This box will be called QST, pronounced Quest. and will deliver a new small form tabletop experience to subscribers every ...

Will the Child IRA Solve Retirement Woes? - 16 Aug 2017
The key is finding a source of income for the child," he told Carosa started a Kickstarter campaign for the book, which allows patrons to preorder the book and encourages financial professionals to write reviews and. chapter ...

Hatreon, another Kickstarter for Nazis rattles its begging bowl

The Australian Financial Review - 14 Aug 2017
This alt-right money-raising platform (and others like WeSearchr – "Kickstarter for Nazis") surged into the internet's collective consciousness this week after a Google engineer called James Damore was fired for authoring a 10-page manifesto outlining ...

Broadway's Jessica Vosk Launches Kickstarter for Debut Solo Album

Broadway World - 15 Aug 2017
Now, she has just launched a Kickstarter to support the recording of her debut solo album. "I've spent a year on the road with WICKED, belting 'Deyfing Gravity' daily. Every day at the stage door, I get asked if I have a solo album. Finally, I'll be ...

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