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This Is the Real Story Behind Kill The Messenger

TIME - 09 Oct 2014
In a scene from the new movie Kill the Messenger, investigative reporter Gary Webb (played by Jeremy Renner) says that he doesn't believe in conspiracy theories. He does, however, believe in real conspiracies: “If I believe it, there's nothing 'theory ...
kill the messenger

New American Assassin Poster Assembles the Assassins - 16 Aug 2017
Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Cuesta (Kill The Messenger, Homeland, L.I.E.) from a screenplay by Stephen Schiff and Michael Finch and Edward Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz, the action-adventure also stars Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan, Shiva ...
kill the messenger

The Readers' Forum: Monday letters

Winston-Salem Journal - 14 Aug 2017
It's a backward administration (and society) that wants to kill the messenger rather than heed the messenger's warning. ***. ELIZABETH “BIBI” COYNE, Winston-Salem. One special list. Kudos to the kind, generous souls who make donations to backpack ...
kill the messenger

Penanti rep Norlela full of praise for Phee Boon Poh

Free Malaysia Today - 15 Aug 2017
“I am just a messenger. You want to kill the messenger, but I do not have the power to take action against anyone,” she said. Norlela said the way people had treated her was as though she had brought shame to the party. “Some people said, pity YB Phee.
kill the messenger

Column: The CWD specter is still looming

Bluefield Daily Telegraph - 02 Aug 2017
Don't kill the messenger. As I have told you before, all things in the hunting, fishing, and outdoor world are not always beer and skittles. Sometimes I need to tell you about what is going on out there in the wide world, good or bad. Remember what ...
kill the messenger

CWD specter still looms

Beckley Register-Herald - 06 Aug 2017
I don't think so, but I don't claim to know much about it. The sky hasn't fallen yet so let's watch and wait and see what happens with the CWD gremlin. I'll be letting you know about anything new on the horizon. Just don't be chucking any rocks at the ...
kill the messenger

Letters to the Editor for August 1

Martinsville Bulletin - 01 Aug 2017
“If you don't like the message, kill the messenger.” That's Morgan Griffith's response in his column about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). I am certain that if that office had produced numbers favorable to all the myriad attempts to repeal and ...
kill the messenger

Kill the Jews! Oops, I didn't mean it

Jewish Journal - 02 Aug 2017
Here, it is trying to do that by going after the messenger. According to the Times, the Center's initial reaction was that the imam's comments had been taken out of context by “Islamophobic news organizations.” How many times have we heard that? This ...
kill the messenger

Jeremy Renner on the 'Emotional War' of Wind River

Den of Geek US - 02 Aug 2017
Whether it's in The Hurt Locker, The Town or Kill the Messenger -- even his Hawkeye/Clint Barton in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is perhaps the most grounded of all the characters in that franchise, a man who sets out to do a job so he can return to ...
kill the messenger

Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide

Southern Poverty Law Center - 14 Aug 2017
A lone gunman carrying an assault rifle and a handgun storms a well-known gay club in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. ​Bias is a human condition, and American history is rife with prejudice against groups and individuals ...
kill the messenger

Comics release first specials in decades

The Columbian - 30 Jul 2017
Chris Rock's first new stand-up special will be released in 2018 — 10 years since his last, “Kill the Messenger.” The date of his second Netflix special is TBD. • Ellen DeGeneres will release a new special in 2018. Her last was 2003's “Here and Now.”.
kill the messenger

Al Jazeera gains from Israel's attempts to close it

Al-Monitor - 11 Aug 2017
1, calling the Israeli action an attempt “to kill the messenger” and accused Israel of “colluding” with Arab dictators. “The collusion by [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu with his Arab autocratic neighbors leaves little doubt that free ...
kill the messenger

Conservatives Don't Want You to Know the Cost of Health Care Repeal

WhoWhatWhy / RealNewsProject (blog) - 06 Aug 2017
The House considered amendments to a spending bill that could have gutted that very inconvenient messenger, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Conservative Republicans and the Trump White House were apoplectic when CBO delivered the bad ...
kill the messenger

Try not to fall off your soap box, OK?

The Messenger (subscription) - 06 Aug 2017
"The conservatives, especially the ultra right wing, the tea partyites, whatever you want to call them, they are determined to kill the Affordable Care Act come hell or high water. They don't care if there is a replacement or not. They just want ...
kill the messenger

Letter: Methodists in Provo?

Salt Lake Tribune - 25 Jul 2017
But then salmo, You're just the type to kill the messenger. Oosik • 1 week ago. Yer in full Bazinga mode today. I saw a couple more somewhere among today's Tribzone ether earlier. Or did I? I'll have to wait until me astral and temporal find one, each ...
kill the messenger

Trump's press-bashing is historically undignified

Allied News - 25 Jul 2017
But when do verbal attacks cross into “kill the messenger” territory? It's worth asking in this age of unfettered firearms and online hate. One need only think of the violence committed against journalists around the world to imagine the worst. Every ...

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