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kill the messenger

This Is the Real Story Behind Kill The Messenger

TIME - 09 Oct 2014
In a scene from the new movie Kill the Messenger, investigative reporter Gary Webb (played by Jeremy Renner) says that he doesn't believe in conspiracy theories. He does, however, believe in real conspiracies: “If I believe it, there's nothing 'theory ...
kill the messenger

Kill the Messenger

The Sheet - 18 Jun 2018
From the people that put the “Dry” in Owens Dry Lake, comes a plan to dry up Long Valley north of Crowley Lake by turning off the tap of irrigation water to rancher lessees in that portion of Mono County. There may be a way to keep the water flowing ...
kill the messenger

'Kill The Messenger': How The Annapolis Shooting Hits Home

Jewish Week - 01 Jul 2018
The reports last Thursday of the tragic murder of five employees of The Capital Gazette, the local newspaper in Annapolis, Md., hit home, literally, for me on several levels. As many of you may know from my writings, Annapolis, the historic and ...
kill the messenger

Yellowstone Recap: Boys Will Be Boys

Vulture - 28 Jun 2018
As with last week's series premiere, this week's “Kill the Messenger” practically lurches from scene to scene. At times it feels like there are huge chunks of the episode missing, perhaps dropped to allow more time for the show to muse about What It ...
kill the messenger

Killing the Messenger in Kashmir

Greater Kashmir - 26 Jun 2018
I never had the pleasure of meeting Shujaat Bukhari, the soft spoken editor of Rising Kashmir with a steely spine who was assassinated recently. But we remained in touch over the years. He often shared his amazing articles and I told myself here was ...
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Newspapers threatened

White Bear Press - 10 Jul 2018
When people get angry with a newspaper, the first thing they want to do is kill the messenger. I have been threatened in my several decades of newspaper experience. It is important to understand the role of a newspaper, which is to report actual ...
kill the messenger

When the messenger shoots: The perils of 'free' social media

The Hindu - 14 Jul 2018
The proponents of this kind of thinking say: 'A knife can be used to kill and the same knife can be used to heal in a surgeon's hands.' This is the kind of disingenuous argument that the pro-gun people use when there's another school shooting in ...
kill the messenger

In the Newsroom: A Moment of Silence

WHTC News - 06 Jul 2018
"It gives a whole new meaning to 'kill the messenger,'" Leach said. "Right," said Gamble, who persuaded coworkers to get active-shooter response training. Brian Vernellis, the paper's digital director, is looking at his responsibilities in a different ...
kill the messenger

UK pound falls, UK politicians reel after Trump broadside

The Messenger - 13 Jul 2018
"Trump claimed that Theresa May's current Brexit plan 'will probably kill' any potential U.S. trade deal, a comment that not only undermines the prime minister at the end of an already challenging week, but one that understandably sent sterling sharply ...
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'Gotti': A War On Critics Did Little To Help The Box Office

Forbes - 25 Jun 2018
Ditto the likes of Everything Must Go ($2.7m in 2011), Killer Joe ($1.9m in 2012), In A World ($2.9m in 2013) and Kill the Messenger ($2.45m in 2014). There are also the countless star-driven genre flicks that mostly play on VOD, like Jim Carrey's ...
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AP Analysis: Trump's barbed comments upset British hosts

The Messenger - 13 Jul 2018
LONDON (AP) — There's a character called Don Logan, played by Ben Kingsley in the British film "Sexy Beast" — a bullying and mercurial individual who wreaks havoc on the life of a retired former underworld cohort he visits in Spain. He intimidates ...
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The Latest: Trump looking forward to tea with queen

The Messenger - 12 Jul 2018
President Donald Trump has accused British Prime Minister Theresa May of ruining what her country stands to gain from Brexit and says her "soft" blueprint for the U.K.'s future dealings with the European Union would probably "kill" any future trade ...
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Local Journalists Aren't The Enemy, They're Your Neighbors

HuffPost - 02 Jul 2018
Everyone in the newsroom nodded in sympathy. We'd all been there, trying to reason with readers, pleading with them not to “kill the messenger.” My throat tightens as I type those three words. My mind races to Annapolis, Maryland, to a town I've never ...
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The VIEW from here

Davisonindex - 05 Jul 2018
Kill the messenger” is a long-standing response to people getting factual news they don't agree with or don't want to hear. Now, given the horrific shooting of five people in a Maryland newsroom last week, it seems that kill the messenger is now being ...
kill the messenger

How to revitalize the Greek Orthodox Church in the 21st century - 27 Jun 2018
Even though I am no longer active in parish affairs, I am still a member of our Church and its Saint Barbara parish in Sarasota, Florida. I continue to follow with concern the financial, leadership and administrative problems facing our Church. I have ...

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