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This Is the Real Story Behind Kill The Messenger

TIME - 09 Oct 2014
In a scene from the new movie Kill the Messenger, investigative reporter Gary Webb (played by Jeremy Renner) says that he doesn't believe in conspiracy theories. He does, however, believe in real conspiracies: “If I believe it, there's nothing 'theory ...
kill the messenger

FBI Manufactures Homegrown Black Terrorism? News (blog) - 18 Oct 2017
That's why the aim of the world is to kill the Messenger, because the Messenger is the means of salvation for the people that Satan is trying to take away,” said Dr. Muhammad. “We're not in prophecy anymore. We are at the rollout of judgment. When ...
kill the messenger

Social worker denies food, water shortages at NGO

Independent Online - 17 Oct 2017
His sister said 'Sisi, I will kill you'. I asked them not to kill the messenger. They were very upset,” Ndhlovu said. Gumede's family members sobbed loudly during the testimony. She also admitted that before receiving patients from Life Esidimeni, the ...
kill the messenger

Diplomats Fear Trump Is Tweeting the United States into War

Vanity Fair - 09 Oct 2017
“I feel like this is a similar situation, they want to do something in North Korea because it is a sort of wag the dog or kill the messenger and they are kind of trying to force-fit it.” It's possible that the good cop-bad cop routine is deliberate ...
kill the messenger

Gun shops swiftly sell out of bump stocks

The Messenger - 16 Oct 2017
The devices, used to convert semiautomatic rifles to weapons that can fire hundreds of rounds a minute, were used by Stephen Paddock on Oct. 1 to kill 58 people and wound nearly 500 from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. Josh Geron ...
kill the messenger

Where and when will the flag debate end?

The Sun Herald - 04 Oct 2017
Don't kill the messenger but listen to the message: Steven Seagal said the USA (United States of Amnesia, emphasis mine) is destroying itself by the enemies from within. Isn't it time we pull together as Americans rather than hyphenated Americans?
kill the messenger

You just never know

Sequoyah County Times - 06 Oct 2017
His son had been shot and killed and the district attorney ruled it justified because he had been harassing another man for some time. Instead of taking the issue up with the sheriff or the district attorney, he decided he wanted to kill the messenger ...
kill the messenger

'American Made' flies high on the wicked talent of Tom Cruise

KSDK - 28 Sep 2017
The result is a pleasurable mix of "Blow," "Kill The Messenger," and "Lord of War." It's a unique pleasure at the movies that thrives on its star power, a fine mixture of humor and facts, as well as some expertly crafted flight sequences. Seeing Cruise ...
kill the messenger

Any Questions #319 - "Comedy"

WAMC - 06 Oct 2017
After four highly regarded comedy specials on HBO beginning in 1996 — Bring the Pain, Bigger and Blacker, Never Scared and Kill the Messenger — which standup got a reported $40 million for two Netflix specials due this year? 4. Depending on how you ...
kill the messenger

Republicans Sink to Deceit in Defense of Tax Plan

Bloomberg - 03 Oct 2017
Faced with a near disastrous launch of their prized tax reform proposal, Republicans are resorting to Plan B: kill the messenger of bad news and twist their message to the point of deception. Most analysts have found that, contrary to the claims of the ...
kill the messenger

White Fears Stifle Honest Dialogue On Race

Forbes - 29 Sep 2017
Like a family suppressing troubling news about Uncle Chester, we find it easier to kill the messenger and punish the victims than to risk the hopeful, yet uncertain outcome of an honest reckoning. The cost of white supremacy is becoming more tangible ...
kill the messenger

American Made: A Largely True Story With Some Not-So-Fun Lies

FAIR - 10 Oct 2017
The actual story of how drugs and counter-revolution intersected in Central America was told to more dramatic effect—and much greater regard for factual accuracy—in Kill the Messenger, the 2014 biopic of Gary Webb (In These Times, 11/20/14). If you ...
kill the messenger

Inmate executed in Texas for corrections officer's death

The Messenger - 13 Oct 2017
Pruett, who was already serving a 99-year sentence for a neighbor's killing near Houston when he was convicted in Nagle's death, lost two appeals at the Supreme Court as his execution neared. He became the 20th prisoner put to death this year in the U ...

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