Kim Jong Un's great miscalculation? -
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Kim Jong Un's great miscalculation?

CNN - 23 Jun 2018
(CNN) To Kim Jong Un, May 24 should have been a diplomatic triumph. The North Korean leader had just opened the doors of his isolated country to the world, allowing foreign journalists to observe what had deemed a crowning achievement in Pyongyang's ...
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Why Khamenei Can't Do a Kim Jong-Un

Gatestone Institute - 15 Jul 2018
Khamenei's power is declining not because he is challenged by anyone inside the establishment but as knocks on his door. Even if he wanted to do a Kim Jong-un, he can't. He has no organized political party and, heading for his 80th birthday, is unable ...
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No One Knows What Kim Jong Un Promised Trump

The Atlantic - 02 Jul 2018
The optimism generated by President Trump's meeting last month with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is giving way to the reality of just how difficult it will be to persuade North Korea to surrender its nuclear weapons. In fact, it's difficult even to ...
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Kim Jong Un's Letter to Trump

Bloomberg - 12 Jul 2018
Kim Jong Un sent Trump a letter praising the summit, and Trump tweeted it out #tictocnews (Source: Bloomberg). RELATED ARTICLES. Trump Tweets 'Very Nice Note' He Says He Got From Kim Jong Un · Terms of Service.
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Don't Let Kim Jong-un Ignore Human Rights

Forbes - 25 Jun 2018
The Singapore Summit was a missed opportunity to make progress on human rights issues in North Korea. While the issue was raised at the meeting, subsequent comments by President Trump have revealed that he prioritizes denuclearization over human ...
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Kim Jong Un snubbed Mike Pompeo, source says

CNN - 10 Jul 2018
CNN's Michelle Kosinski reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's trip to North Korea went "as badly as it could have gone," according to a CNN source familiar with the discussions. Source: CNN ...
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Kim Jong-un's long game

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - 08 Jul 2018
The four-point statement Trump and Kim Jong-un delivered after their summit only set broad goals. Pompeo now needs to deliver a genuinely historic nuclear deal, one that goes beyond what the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action achieved on Iran before ...
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Internet mocks Trump's gift to Kim Jong Un

CNN - 11 Jul 2018
Internet mocks Trump's gift to Kim Jong Un. President Donald Trump really is giving Kim Jong Un a copy of Elton John's song "Rocket Man." Jeanne Moos reports on the President as DJ. Source: CNN ...
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North Korean defector: Kim Jong Un 'is a terrorist'

Business Insider - 29 Jun 2018
The whole world watched as president Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018. A North Korean defector and human rights activist, Yeonmi Park, shared her opinion on the historic meeting. The following is a ...

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