Art Cashin: Kim Jong Un faces 'dire straits' without Chinese financial backing -
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Life under Kim Jong Un

Washington Post - 17 Nov 2017
When Kim Jong Un became the leader of North Korea almost six years ago, many North Koreans thought that their lives were going to improve. He offered the hope of generational change in the world's longest-running communist dynasty. After all, he was so ...
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Kim Jong Un trades missile tests for tractors - 15 Nov 2017
SEOUL, South Korea — After a summer filled with flaming rockets and an earth-shaking nuclear blast, North Korea's state media is portraying Kim Jong Un as a leader who has temporarily traded weapons for workshops. The new portrayal appears designed ...
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An Open Letter of Love to Kim Jong-un

New York Times - 13 Nov 2017
Dear Chairman Kim Jong-un,. We are certain that you will find this letter of love surprising. We offer it to you in the final days of President Trump's trip to Asia, when the rhetoric of war, hatred and mass violence has reached a fever pitch. It ...
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Meet the Kim Jong Un of the Persian Gulf

Washington Post - 06 Nov 2017
Nowadays it seems that every authoritarian ruler wants to be Kim Jong Un. To be clear, no one wants to be the ruler of the barren wasteland that is North Korea. But it sure seems like authoritarian rulers across the world want the cult of personality ...
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These are the millennial women behind North Korea's Kim Jong Un

Washington Post - 30 Oct 2017
When Kim Jong Un visited the newly renovated Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory in North Korea this month, smiling broadly as he admired the lotions and potions and their fancy packaging, he was accompanied by two women. They were on the sidelines, but ...
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War With Kim Jong Un 'Must Not Happen,' South Korea Says - 06 Nov 2017
Kim Jong Un's nuclear weapons program must be halted by diplomacy and not military action, South Korea's foreign minister told NBC News ahead of President Donald Trump's visit to the country. "Another war on the Korean Peninsula must not happen," ...
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'Daily Show's' Trevor Noah: Trump Is Just as Fat as Kim Jong Un

Daily Beast - 14 Nov 2017
But as The Daily Show's Trevor Noah explained Monday night, he just couldn't help but respond to Kim Jong Un, who dared to call him an “old lunatic.” “Donald Trump was like, I've got 280 now,” the host said, before showing Trump's passive-aggressive ...
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Kim Jong Un's love of sport could be making of Games

Reuters - 06 Nov 2017
Kim Jong Un, grandson of founder Kim Il Sung, has made sport a major focus of his plan to improve living standards. Since he assumed power in 2011, spending on sport in the nation's annual budgets has risen faster than most other areas, according to ...
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Is Kim Jong Un terrified of South Korean soaps?

ABC News - 01 Nov 2017
What North Korean leader Kim Jong Un fears more than sanctions, cyber strikes, and military power, according to the former number two diplomat in North Korea's London embassy, is that black market South Korean TV dramas – like the wildly popular ...

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