Monell's Fat Tuesday King Cake Casserole Recipe -
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Monell's Fat Tuesday King Cake Casserole Recipe - 14 Feb 2018
Michael made a King Cake Casserole in honor of Mardi Gras (see recipe below). Monell's has 3 restaurant locations in the Nashville area. The original location in Historic Germantown in downtown Nashville, 1235 6th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208, Monell's ...
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Toast expands to Decatur Street with French Toast: Opening alert - 23 Oct 2018
It was mid-morning on a recent weekday, and French Toast, the new breakfast and lunch café in the French Quarter, didn't have a single empty table. Nearly everyone who walked by peeked at the menu, and half of them walked in. Clearly, chef/owner Cara ...
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Miss Daisy's Rum Cake - 23 Oct 2018
Daisy King from Miss Daisy's Kitchen made Rum Cake. (see recipe below) Miss Daisy's Kitchen, with gourmet takeout and specialty foods, is now open at its new location 1110 Hillsboro Road, in the shopping center at the corner of Mack Hatcher and ...
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From the Kitchen: A bee sting to celebrate

Charleston Gazette-Mail - 17 Oct 2018
It always shows up this time of year on Oktoberfest menus, but the luscious cake, and the German's Sweet Chocolate used to make it, is named for Samuel German, who developed the chocolate. In America. The product's box still carries the apostrophe in ...
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Kings vs. Pelicans Preview: Getting Busy in the Big Easy

Sactown Royalty - 19 Oct 2018
After losing their home opener in a game that was far more competitive than it had any business being, the Sacramento Kings waste no time in getting to their busy road schedule and have found themselves in Louisiana to take on the King Cake Baby and ...
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The Fuzzy Terror of Sports Mascots

Wall Street Journal - 27 Sep 2018
And WuShock is an adorable kitten compared with King Cake Baby, the plastic Mardi Gras mascot of the New Orleans Pelicans NBA franchise. I love cake, and finding the baby in King Cake is a beloved New Orleans tradition. But I genuinely fear that the ...
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Toast Cafe Opens Sweet and Savory French Quarter Breakfast Hub

Eater New Orleans - 18 Oct 2018
But French Toast will live up to its name and depart from the other Toast Cafes in one aspect: its menu features three new French toast options, from a classic with berries and maple through to a rich king cake French toast filled with cinnamon cream ...
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11 of the weirdest mascots in sports

WMUR Manchester - 25 Sep 2018
If you thought Gritty was bad, you have not met the King Cake Baby. New Orleanians fear and respect him as the Pelicans' mascot. Modeled after the Mardi Gras King Cake tradition, a giant, creepy baby in a diaper might be the scariest mascot of them all.
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Side Hustle Spotlight: The Actor/Writer/Director Who is Also a Ph.D.

Backstage - 09 Oct 2018
Favorite acting-directing-writing credits/opportunities: Actor and stage director in “The Lesson”; actor and film director in “King Cake”; writer of the short play “Missed Opportunities,” which was part of a benefit I produced in New York in favor of ...
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Max Santiago Is the Doughnut King of Miami

Miami New Times - 23 Oct 2018
He won the first episode, where he was tasked with making a "mind-bending cake." His creation was a vanilla rum cake resembling a real python. During a cheesecake challenge, he surprised the judges by doing a cartwheel on the set after his dessert ...
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Grizz Fan's Hater's Guide to: The New Orleans Pelicans

Grizzly Bear Blues - 15 Oct 2018
One of the NBA's New Orleans Pelicans mascots, King Cake Baby. The city of nightmares. — Chris Creamer (@sportslogosnet) November 16, 2016. 2017-18 Record: 48-34. They got better after Boogie went down. Gee, what a ...
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My life of pies, pies, pies

Del Rio News Herald - 20 Oct 2018
Hawaii was assigned Shave Ice (whatever that is), with no mention of Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. Louisiana got Bananas Foster when King Cake was the obvious choice. And Washington D.C. was tagged with Cupcakes, when everyone knows it's the ...
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Inbox: The other elements were a piece of cake - 20 Oct 2018
King said that as the ball gets closer, the receiver's eyes get bigger and he hears the crowd suck in its breath. While chasing the opponent down the field, he has the sense to notice such minute details. Each time I hear about the fine points of ...
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The Gingham Flour Box takes the (wedding) cake

Tullahoma News and Guardian - 30 Sep 2018
“I took a class in town with Liz Carson, who was phenomenal,” King said. “She bragged and bragged on me. Not too long after, I made a birthday cake for my son and posted it online, and someone asked me to bake a cake, so I did. It then snowballed.
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Creepy Crescent City: 5 Spooky Places in NOLA

Very Local New Orleans - 18 Oct 2018
When you cross homes for sale in our city and they realtor puts up a “haunted” or “not haunted” sign on the sign, you just know we have become accustomed to being a supernatural haven. One can pass a building and just feel it exuding something not of ...

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