Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Day-One Patch Comes In At 23GB -
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Day-One Patch Comes In At 23GB

GameSpot - 13 Feb 2018
Big day-one updates have become relatively commonplace over the past few years, but it's still notable to see one come in at the size of some games. To play medieval role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you'll have to download a colossal, 23GB ...
kingdom come deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Combat Guide

GameSpot - 24 Feb 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance has frequently drawn comparisons to Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim, and while that's apt to some degree--they are expansive, open-world games that present you with a great deal of freedom--there are other areas where they ...
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

IGN - 25 Feb 2018
In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Henry can own and ride a variety of Horses throughout Bohemia. Horses can be used to quickly get across the land at high speeds, and can also double as a place to put excessive gear when you become overloaded. Most generic ...
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How I accidentally lost my virginity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

PC Gamer - 22 Feb 2018
Just had sex in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, no big deal. Got down to it in m'lady's chambers between a few buckskin blankets. I'm guessing it was very nice because I've been rewarded with this Alpha Male buff, a +2 to Charisma. All that barking paid off ...
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How I learned to love Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Polygon - 21 Feb 2018
When the game gets confusing or you hit a wall, the trick is not to outthink the game, but to ask yourself what Henry, or for that matter you, would do. It's fun to play as the destiny-touched warrior on their journey to punch a god, but Kingdom Come ...
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The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods (so far) | PC Gamer

PC Gamer - 22 Feb 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance hasn't been out long, but already modders are digging into the medieval RPG's files and making some changes. These mods range from minor tweaks to the UI to completely new perks to hefty overhauls of the game's combat and ...
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Ancient Map Locations

IGN - 24 Feb 2018
Players who have pre-ordered Kingdom Come: Deliverance are able to download the exclusive "Treasures of the Past" DLC. This includes a set of Ancient Maps that appear in your shared trunk once you arrive in Rattay. There are five maps in total leading ...
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Kingdom Come Deliverance Pestilence side quest guide - How to ...

VG247 - 23 Feb 2018
With Pribyslavitz conquered and a new enemy lurking in the shadows, Kingdom Come Deliverance takes a new twist as Henry investigates a mysterious disease gripping the hamlet of Merhojed. This quest is complicated and the stakes are high – take too long ...
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Press Start: Sorry, but 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' isn't racist

Gazettextra (blog) - 21 Feb 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance” released last week, and the role-playing game has amassed quite a bit of buzz for more than one reason. First of all, it's quite popular. It instantly became a top-seller and sold enough copies to be profitable only two days ...

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