Kirstjen Michele Nielsen (born May 14, 1972) is an American gov... -
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Kirstjen Michele Nielsen (born May 14, 1972) is an American gov...

wikipedia - 13 Oct 2017
Kirstjen Michele Nielsen (born May 14, 1972) is an American government official and national security expert who has served as Principal Deputy White House Chief of Staff to President Donald Trump since September 6, 2017. Nielsen was nominated on October 11, 2017 to be Secretary of Homeland Security and officially announced by President Trump on October 12, 2017 that she would serve as the next Secretary of Homeland Security.
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Statement on DHS nominee Kirstjen Nielsen

MSNBC - 18 Oct 2017
“Ms. Nielsen's role in the response to Katrina has been vastly overstated by the media. As a policy director, she was responsible for coordinating policy and information flow. After she left the White House, she took the lessons of Katrina and put them ...
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The Kirstjen Nielsen backstory

Axios - 16 Oct 2017
A lot of people were surprised on Wednesday when word got out that President Trump would appoint Kirstjen Nielsen as the new secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Those surprised included just about the entire leadership of the department, ...
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Trump's pick for DHS chief was at center of Katrina disaster

Washington Post - 14 Oct 2017
The message was sent to Kirstjen Nielsen, whose title was special assistant to the president for prevention, preparedness and response. She was 33 years old. It was the first of many alarming emails Nielsen would receive over the following days as ...
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Trump to Nominate Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security Secretary

Democracy Now! - 12 Oct 2017
President Trump says he plans to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen to serve as the next homeland security secretary. John Kelly, Trump's previous homeland security secretary, now serves as Trump's chief of staff. Nielsen is a longtime DHS official, recently ...
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Trump nominates Kirstjen Nielsen for secretary of homeland security

The Week Magazine - 12 Oct 2017
On Thursday, President Trump officially announced the nomination of Kirstjen Nielsen for secretary of homeland security. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly vacated the position in July during a reshuffle that followed the ousting of former Chief of ...
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Kirstjen Nielsen Is Named Secretary of Homeland Security

Fortune - 12 Oct 2017
Kirstjen Nielsen Is Named Secretary of Homeland Security October 12, 2017. Millennials Rejoice, These Avocados Have Less Fat October 13, 2017. These Are the Top 5 Safest Cities in the World to Live In October 13, 2017. Five Cities With Great Job ...
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Trump nominates Kirstjen Nielsen for Homeland Security secretary - 11 Oct 2017
WASHINGTON — President Trump nominated Kirstjen Nielsen, a deputy to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, to be Homeland Security secretary on Wednesday, filling the vacancy left by Kelly when he took his current post in late July. "Ms. Nielsen has ...
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Who is Kirstjen Nielsen?

Voice of America - 12 Oct 2017
Print. Nominee: Secretary of Homeland Security, awaiting Senate confirmation. Education: B.S. from Georgetown University, J.D. from University of Virginia School of Law. Career: Senior fellow, Georgetown School of Foreign Center for Cyber and Homeland ...
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Homeland Security sees power grow under Trump

The Hill - 19 Oct 2017
Trump's first Homeland Security secretary, John Kelly · John Francis KellyMORE, is now the White House chief of staff, while Kelly's deputy, Kirstjen Nielsen, has been nominated to succeed him at DHS. Former department officials in both parties say it ...
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10 Withdrawals in 10 Months: Trump's Nominee Crisis Grows

Fortune - 17 Oct 2017
And there's no one in the homeland security secretary's office, though Kirstjen Nielsen has been nominated for the role. There are roughly 600 key government positions that require Senate confirmation. The Partnership for Public Service says Trump has ...
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Kelly tries to get empty administration jobs filled fast

Politico - 15 Oct 2017
White House chief of staff John Kelly is giving Cabinet secretaries more autonomy to pick top political appointees, reversing efforts under his predecessor Reince Priebus to run most appointments through the West Wing. Kelly's goal, according to 10 ...
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The week in politics

CNN - 15 Oct 2017
President Donald Trump officially announced his nomination of Kirstjen Nielsen, John Kelly's former principal deputy chief of staff, to be the new nominee for secretary of the Department of Homeland Security in the East Room of the White House. Trump ...

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