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A Melbourne Fashion Stylist Shares His Top Tips For Race Day

ELLE Australia - 21 Oct 2018
When it comes to the spring racing season, Elliot Garnaut nails the style brief. The Melbourne-based stylist is known for his bold and irreverent take on fashion, and his Instagram musings—a mashup of Gucci-clad hangs with the social set and island ...
l wren scott

Kate Spade's suicide eerily similar to death of L'Wren Scott

Page Six - 05 Jun 2018
“Weird this is the same way L'wren Scott killed herself,” mused a police source. “Wonder if it was intentionally done that way.” Spade left a note that may shed some light on her death — unlike Scott, whose note-less suicide left people to speculate ...
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Victoria club golf results - Saturday

Golf Australia - 21 Oct 2018
C: M Groves (20) 41. Women: A: L Morgan (20) 36. B: J Martin (24) 35. BERWICK MONTUNA: Stableford: A: M Fedmowski (11) 41 cb. B: B Mack (22) 42. Women: S Wilkinson (31) 40. BOX HILL: Mxd: Stableford: A: G Baumgartner (7) 39. B: A Whittle (18) 41. C: D ...
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Sympathy for the Devil - the many loves of Mick Jagger

Independent.ie - 05 Mar 2018
The saddest part of Jagger's life was undoubtedly his relationship with enigmatic fashion designer L'Wren Scott. He met her in 2001. They appeared so happy together until her apparent suicide in March 2014 at her New York apartment. It wasn't long ...
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L'Wren Scott: A Legacy of Elegance

New York Times - 21 Mar 2014
IN THE AFTERMATH of L'Wren Scott's death, media coverage, which was in no short supply, tended to focus on the questions of why and who. Why a woman who seemed to have it all would choose to end her life, and who among her friends, beginning with ...
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L'Wren Scott: the mysterious suicide of Mick Jagger's girlfriend

The Guardian - 23 Jun 2014
In the case of L'Wren Scott, the mystery of her death is heightened by a deeper unknowability. For all that she was loving and loved, admiring and admired, her friends were aware there were things she chose not to share. She was extremely private and ...
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Read André Leon Talley's Eulogy for L'Wren Scott

Vanity Fair - 07 May 2014
There was a song we used to sing in Sunday school, when I was growing up. “Jesus wants me to be a sunbeam. A sunbeam every day.” That was L'Wren for me. Has there ever been on this planet more radiance? Her death left a deep void in my life. It was to ...

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