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Legend or Lie? La Llorona

KGUN - 21 Feb 2018
This emotional story holds power over one's imagination but lives strong in the memories of the many who swear that it's true.
la llorona

La Llorona Cries Out

San Diego Free Press - 11 Jun 2018
Known for mixing history and culture with contemporary themes, Eric J. Garcia always tries to create art that is much more than just aesthetics. Born and raised in ...
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The Daily Hilario: The Curse of La Llorona

We Ain't Got No History - 22 Oct 2018
Atlético Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak has kept more clean sheets (73) than goals conceded (72) in his 125 games for the club. pic.twitter.com/60sGtMk3cm.
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The Return of La Llorona

The Texas Observer - 23 Feb 2015
A horror film about La Llorona, the ghost of Hispanic legend who drowned her children, is meant to raise awareness of the issues facing immigrant children.
la llorona

Santa Cruz River — La Llorona

Arizona Daily Star - 11 Oct 2016
This story is one of the “universal” Mexican ghost stories, hundreds of years old, with many variations. Translated as “the crying woman,” she is seen traditionally ...
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The Curse of La Llorona Archives

ComingSoon.net - 18 Oct 2018
La Llorona. The Weeping Woman. A horrifying apparition, caught between Heaven and Hell, trapped in a terrible fate sealed by her own hand. The mere ...
la llorona

La Llorona

Arizona Daily Sun - 29 Oct 2015
Better than 100 years ago Flagstaff, my rough and tumble frontier town, had more saloons than churches. There was a young woman named Maria. Maria was ...
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Scary Urban Legends - True Urban Legends

Cosmopolitan.com - 04 Oct 2018
Are you looking for a reason not to sleep tonight or ever again? Cool-cool-cool same, so let's join spooky hands and run through 10 of the scariest urban ...

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