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Celebrities, family & friends attend Ladies' Code's Rise's wake

SBS (blog) - 06 Sep 2014
In further tragic news on Sunday September 7, Ladies' Code's Rise lost her fight for life following the girl group's car accident that also claimed the life of fellow member EunB. Rise had been unconscious since her emergency surgery after the accident ...
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Ladies' Code's Ashley pulls an innocent face for the cover of 'MAXIM'

allkpop (press release) (blog) - 22 Aug 2018
Ladies' Code's Ashely graced the cover of the September issue of 'MAXIM'. She recently debuted solo in July, and she pulled off all of the photographer's requests with professionalism. She had a dreamy, sexy, and even bright concept for the photoshoot.
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The Women Code Breakers Who Unmasked Soviet Spies

Smithsonian - 21 Aug 2018
This article is based on exclusive interviews with Nanni, the last living member of the original team of Venona women; relatives of code breakers who are no longer alive; and NSA and CIA publications that detail how the project unfolded. It marks the ...
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Ladies About Town

Palm Beach - 21 Aug 2018
PBI: An invitation requests “Palm Beach Chic” as the dress code. What do you wear? Swift: To us, “Palm Beach Chic” means colorful cocktail attire. Think: A beautiful, flowy crepe dress paired with smart accessories. Jackets and slippers for men ...
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Honoring Navajo Code Talkers

Navajo-Hopi Observer - 21 Aug 2018
“We honor our Code Talkers and the language that was spoken to win the war,” said Vice President Jonathan Nez. “I look at it as God looking upon us as a blessed Nation. We are a blessed Nation, ladies and gentlemen. Let's always remember that. And it ...
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Have Millennials Killed The Dress Code?

Bustle - 21 Aug 2018
(One takeaway: Never, ever, ever wear a fedora, ladies. He also suspected that sexism might be one reason that women made less money than money. “But another reason is totally the fault of the women themselves. Many of them dress for failure.” Thanks ...
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Why Salesforce is open sourcing the AI technology behind Einstein

Computerworld Australia - 20 Aug 2018
Branded TransmogrifAI, the AutoML library is less than 10 lines of Scala code written on top of Apache Spark, and can be used by developers looking to train machine learning models to predict customer behaviour without having to use a large data set ...
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NBA Schedulers on Christmas: Hard for Raptors to get past Knicks

Sportsnet.ca - 20 Aug 2018
So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the Knicks, or Madison Square Garden, rather, just have too much clout to be overthrown for poor performances or management. Another interesting point worth noting here is the value of being among the leading ...
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「LADIES' CODE」アシュリー、公約を守ってレストラン「アシュリー」をファンたちと訪問

WOW! Korea - 17 Aug 2018
LADIES' CODE」サイドは、リーダーのアシュリーが8月12日に異色のファンミーティングを開催したことを伝えました。彼女は、同名のファミリーレストラン「アシュリー」で“アシュリーと一緒にアシュリーでのお食事デート”という名のファンミーティングを開いたというのです。
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Git might replace Mercurial for Java's source-code management

InfoWorld - 31 Jul 2018
Developers participating in the evolution of standard Java may soon have a new source-code management system for the project, with the community set to investigate alternatives—including Git—to the current Mercurial repository scheme. The effort ...

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