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Game of Thrones actor on his fatal fight 'Beyond the Wall'

EW.com (blog) - 21 Aug 2017
In George R.R. Martin's novels upon which GoT is based, the journey of Thoros becomes intertwined with that of another character, Lady Stoneheart, who's not in HBO's version. “It looked like they weren't following Lady Stoneheart's storyline in the ...
lady stoneheart

Is GAME OF THRONES Heading for a Zombie Cleganebowl?

Nerdist - 16 Aug 2017
Our long-held belief that Game of Thrones will one day give us the mother of all “brother vs. brother” showdowns, a dream would-be match up between the Hound and the Mountain, has never waned. We've long given up on ever seeing Lady Stoneheart, but ...
lady stoneheart

Who's going to die in Game Of Thrones' episode six?

dailytelegraph.com.au (blog) - 19 Aug 2017
In the books, Beric gives up his (borrowed) life to bring Catelyn Stark back to life, albeit as Lady Stoneheart rather than as a proper version of herself. So will he do the same to a valued companion? Beric looks great lighting up his sword. Will he ...
lady stoneheart

Actor de 'GOT' apoya teoría sobre la reaparición de Catelyn Stark

Teletrece - 20 Aug 2017
Es tal el nivel, que el actor Joe Dempsey (Grendy) habló respecto de la supuesta aparición de "Lady Stoneheart", personaje que viene a ser la versión "malvada" de Catelyn Stark después de la muerte y que sólo aparece en los libros. Los creadores de la ...
lady stoneheart

Aaron Rodgers thinks he knows where Game of Thrones is going

The Comeback (blog) - 10 Aug 2017
Some of them have basically been proven already (R+L=J) while others don't seem to be panning out (Lady Stoneheart is coming…). One popular notion that seems to be the next theory in line to be confirmed or disproved is the Three Heads Of The Dragon, ...
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HBO isn't done trolling Lady Stoneheart fans

The Verge - 21 Jun 2017
Maybe you've never embarrassed yourself online, and that's great. Congratulations! But two years ago I wrote over 2,000 words explaining why I was sure that A Song of Ice and Fire fan favorite Lady Stoneheart would be appearing in the season 5 finale ...
lady stoneheart

5 Things You Didn't Know about the Brotherhood without Banners

TVOvermind - 04 Aug 2017
Furthermore, it should be noted that both Brienne and Jaime's storylines are headed towards the Brotherhood without Banners, seeing as how the first has been compelled by Lady Stoneheart to lure the second towards it. It seems probable that the reunion ...

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