Lael Brainard (born 1962) is a member of the U.S. Federal Reser... -
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Lael Brainard (born 1962) is a member of the U.S. Federal Reser...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
Lael Brainard (born 1962) is a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve's Board of Governors, and served as the United States Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs in the administration of President Barack Obama. She was a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution from 2001 to 2009, and served as the vice president and director of the Global Economy and Development program from June 2006 to March 16, 2009. Brainard was confirmed by the United States Senate to her post on April 20, 2010
lael brainard

The rich may get richer, but are the poor getting poorer?

The Week Magazine - 05 Jan 2018
As the old saying goes, do the rich really get richer while the poor get poorer? Recent data from the Federal Reserve shows that at least half of that statement is true for U.S. households. A recent Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) conducted by the ...
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Could this policy tweak revolutionize the Fed?

The Week Magazine - 11 Jan 2018
But if the Fed can't cut rates any lower, it might still be able to boost the economy by credibly promising to keep them at 0 for longer. Bernanke and the others see price level targeting as the means to that end. Not everyone is on board with this ...
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The Federal Reserve Is Still The Stock Market's Best Friend

Seeking Alpha - 05 Jan 2018
The Federal Reserve has been the best friend of the stock market over the past eight years and has contributed substantially to new historical highs that are constantly being reached. Even with all the new Trump nominees coming to the Fed's Board, it ...
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Es könnte kompliziert werden für das Fed

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - 12 Jan 2018
Ab Februar wird er voraussichtlich Jerome Powell, Randal Quarles, Lael Brainard und Marvin Goodfriend umfassen. Präsident Trump hat bis jetzt keine Anstalten gemacht, die vakanten drei Sitze – darunter den Vize-Vorsitz des in Washington ansässigen Fed ...
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These Classic Charts Are Confounding Economists

Bloomberg - 04 Jan 2018
Fed Governor Lael Brainard, who tends to favor keeping rates low, argued in December that there's more slack in the labor market than the headline unemployment rate would indicate because many people gave up looking for a job and were therefore not ...
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Für jeden was dabei

OnVista - 09 Jan 2018
USD: Dass die regionalen Fed-Chefs aufgrund der aktuellen Konstellation im FOMC mehr Gewicht haben, ist an dieser Stelle schon mehrfach erwähnt worden. Mit dem Chair Janet Yellen befinden sich nur noch drei weitere Personen im Board of Governors ...
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We'll Be Laughing All the Way to the Bank, Right?

OZY - 01 Jan 2018
Randal Quarles (nominated by Trump) and Lael Brainard (an Obama nominee) could be joined by Marvin Goodfriend, who was recently nominated by Trump, but this would still leave three empty seats on the Board of Governors. Further, the changing of the ...
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Fed's Brainard Backs Balance-Sheet Runoff 'Soon,' Wary on Rates

Bloomberg - 11 Jul 2017
Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard sounded a note of caution over further interest-rate increases while signaling she's comfortable with pressing ahead “soon” with plans to start shrinking the central bank's $4.5 trillion balance sheet. Lael ...
lael brainard

White House Considers Former Bush-Era Economists for Fed No. 2 Job

Fox Business - 27 Dec 2017
Besides Ms. Yellen, the Fed's board only has one other Ph.D. economist, Lael Brainard, who was nominated by President Barack Obama. Mr. Trump has nominated Marvin Goodfriend, an economist at Carnegie Mellon University, to fill one of the vacant board ...
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Area students create workforce development video campaigns

Monroe County Post - 26 Dec 2017
Lael Brainard, governor of the Federal Reserve, delivered welcoming remarks. Warren said the skills gap is a critical issue for Greater Rochester, and highlighted key efforts that are underway to address this. “Research data has shown that there are an ...
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Is there a “Bluetooth” for US open banking?

Banking Exchange - 09 Jan 2018
Lael Brainard has, in a series of speeches, raised important questions about data aggregation and other fintech developments. (“The caution flags are appropriate,” Smith says.) The Comptroller's Office has been researching innovation issues and the ...
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Dollar's Dour Outlook Cemented by Federal Reserve Minutes Release

Pound Sterling Live - 04 Jan 2018
When Yellen leaves in February the Board will shrink even further to just three members: Jerome Powell the new Chair, Randal Quarles the current Vice-Chair and Lael Brainard. "This is a rather unusual situation as the Board of Governors with its total ...
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Brainard Sees Risks in Price-Level Targeting for Federal Reserve

Bloomberg - 12 Oct 2017
“A conscious policy of overshooting may be difficult to calibrate, especially since the large confidence intervals around inflation forecasts suggest that the risks of an undesired overshooting are nontrivial.” “One additional challenge of the proposed ...
lael brainard

Brainard expects Fed rate hikes but eyeing soft inflation

Reuters - 30 May 2017
“The apparent lack of progress in moving core inflation back to 2 percent is a source of concern.” The U.S. central bank has raised interest rates twice since December and investors widely expect it to tighten policy again next month, and once more ...
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Inflation Chatter Ripples Through Bond Market

Wall Street Journal (blog) - 05 Sep 2017
Pessimistic bond investors aren't the only ones worried about soft inflation. Federal Reserve governor Lael Brainard on Tuesday laid out her worries about a lack of price pressures in the U.S. She suggested that the Fed's “persistent failure” to hit ...

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