Lake Nyos is a crater lake in the Northwest Region of Cameroon,... -
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Lake Nyos is a crater lake in the Northwest Region of Cameroon,...

wikipedia - 13 Sep 2016
Lake Nyos is a crater lake in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, located about 315 km (196 mi) northwest of Yaoundé. Nyos is a deep lake high on the flank of an inactive volcano in the Oku volcanic plain along the Cameroon line of volcanic activity. A volcanic dam impounds the lake waters.
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The air pollution dilemma

Guardian (blog) - 04 Jul 2018
The Cameroun disaster in 1986, where the emission of carbon dioxide gas, overnight, from Lake Nyos killed about 1700 people and livestock is a case in point. The authorities in Lagos and Port Harcourt in the Niger Delta especially, should therefore ...
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Cameroon's Lake Nyos Gas Burst: 30 Years Later

Eos - 14 Jul 2016
During the International Conference on the Lake Nyos Gas Disaster in Cameroon's capital, Yaoundé, in March 1987, the International Working Group on Crater Lakes (IWGCL) was born. In 1993, the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of ...
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Cameroon Lake Nyos Disaster Survivors Feel Abandoned

Voice of America - 22 Aug 2016
On Monday, Cameroon marks 30 years since its worst natural disaster ever, a toxic gas explosion at Lake Nyos in the northwest that killed 2,000 people and 3,500 animals. The victims say they still have not received promised compensation. They also want ...
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Lake Nyos Suffocated Over 1746 People in a Single Night

Slate Magazine (blog) - 26 Jul 2013
Lake Nyos is a crater lake in northwest Cameroon. Formed by subterranean volcanic activity, crater lakes commonly have high levels of carbon dioxide. Under normal circumstances, these gases dissipate as the lake water turns over. But the unusually ...
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August 21, 1986: The Lake Nyos Catastrophe

Scientific American (blog) - 21 Aug 2013
August 21, 1986 was a busy market day in the village of Lower Nyos (Cameroon) and most people that evening went to bed early. At 9:30 p.m. a strange sound, like a distant explosion, was heard and suddenly people and animals tumbled onto the ground.
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The Most Dangerous Bodies of Water in the World

The Cheat Sheet - 07 Nov 2017
Lake Nyos can be found in Cameroon, and is one of the world's only exploding lakes. Lake Nyos erupts periodically due to a pocket of magma that fills the lake with carbonic acid. In 1986, the lake released a huge plume of carbon dioxide killing about 1 ...
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13 crazy things to know about planet Earth

Treehugger - 19 Apr 2018
We've even got exploding lakes. In Cameroon and on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo there are three crater lakesNyos, Monoun and Kivu – which sit above volcanic earth. The magma below releases carbon dioxide into ...
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35 states, 380 LGAs to experience flooding this year – NIHSA

The Eagle Online - 11 May 2018
According to him, some of the measures being put in place include the construction of the Kashimbilla Dam, which was designed to contain any eventual break of Lake Nyos, the establishment of reservoirs, artificial lakes and buffers, barriers ...
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Hell's gate myth at Hierapolis had an air of truth to it

The Times - 21 Feb 2018
For the Greeks and Romans, the cave in Hierapolis was a gateway to hell. Castrated priests would lead sacrificial goats and bulls down through a cramped stairway into its depths, where they would die in minutes without so much as a drop of blood being ...
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World Deadliest Lake Nyos in Cameroon Killed 1700 In One Night

The African Exponent - 26 May 2016
People of Cameroon, especially those who live along the shores of Lake Nyos know very well the story of an evil spirit which emerged from the lake killing all those who lived near it. While this was a legend shared and passed across from one generation ...
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An Autonomous Boat to Investigate Acidic Crater Lakes

Eos - 05 Jun 2017
In 1986, Lake Nyos in Cameroon exploded, jetting water more than 100 meters into the air as roughly 1.2 cubic kilometers of carbon dioxide suddenly belched from the waters. This enormous wave of gas smothered the surrounding countryside, killing more ...
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State of the World: Global Warming

The Commentator - 11 Mar 2018
An occurrence at Lake Nyos, Cameroon in 1986, when CO2 levels skyrocketed leaving 1,700 people dead and 5,000 in various degrees of injury, sheds light on the matter. Within proximity of three kilometers to the lake people experienced fatigue and ...
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Hawaii volcano eruption: How many people are killed by volcanoes?

Fox News - 30 May 2018
The deaths occurred when carbon dioxide from Lake Nyos flowed into surrounding villages, she explained. While no one has died as a result of the current Kilauea eruption, a man on the Big Island was recently hit by a flying piece of lava and said the ...

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