As Larry Ellison Steps Down At Oracle And SAP Buys Concur, Old Tech's New ... -
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1 Major Threat Oracle Investors Can't Afford to Ignore - 18 Jan 2018
Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) has often been thought of as having one of the wider economic moats in tech. An economic moat is a competitive advantage that shuts out competition and can lead to high profits. In Oracle's case, these are its databases, the ...
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With Oracle's help, D.Tech High opens its permanent home

The Mercury News - 09 Jan 2018
While the relationship between Oracle and D.Tech began four years ago, Catz said the vision for a school that would include D.Tech's principles and vision was brought up to her more than 18 years ago by Oracle co-founder and Chairman Larry Ellison ...
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Oracle to market: We're Cloud 2.0

ZDNet - 17 Jan 2018
Nonetheless, the brunt of Oracle's energy has been in optimizing its cloud as the most economic and efficient place to run Oracle software. For Oracle 18c data warehousing customers, Oracle promises to underprice Amazon Redshift and Oracle on Amazon ...
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7 Of The Most Outrageous Things Ever Bought By Billionaires - 17 Jan 2018
They say you can not buy happiness with money but are wealthy people sad and unhappy? It sure does not look like it. These super rich entrepreneurs sure tried their hand at buying happiness with their enormous wealth. And, this essentially proves that ...
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Billionaire goes all-in on Cal Neva Resort & Casino

Sierra Sun - 21 Dec 2017
But the circumstances have changed since that time, and possibly the fortunes for Cal Neva Resort & Casino. The turnaround has left local officials feeling better about the outlook for Cal Neva Resort & Casino even though it remains unclear what ...
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Singaporean entrepreneur sends message that SMS is here to stay

Channel NewsAsia - 13 Jan 2018
In another example, Mr Yang recalled how when he worked at Oracle, co-founder Larry Ellison would come by and check out his work. He also had a hand in recruiting Mr Craig Federighi – now Apple's senior vice president of software engineering and ...

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