Lawrence Alan Kudlow (born August 20, 1947) is an American cons... -
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Lawrence Alan Kudlow (born August 20, 1947) is an American cons...

wikipedia - 17 Mar 2018
Lawrence Alan Kudlow (born August 20, 1947) is an American conservative television personality and economic commentator. In March 2018, he was appointed Director of the National Economic Council by US President Donald Trump. Kudlow was formerly the host of CNBC's The Kudlow Report. As a syndicated columnist, his articles have been published in numerous print and online platforms, including his blog, Kudlow's Money Politic$.
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Kudlow shares goals under Trump

The Ridgefield Press - 23 Mar 2018
Maximizing growth of the economy is one of the goals of TV personality and Redding resident Larry Kudlow, recently appointed director of the National Economic Council by President Donald Trump. “I think we can do a lot better in the next 10 years ...
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In Larry Kudlow, Trump Finds His Economic Evangelist

New York Times - 15 Mar 2018
WASHINGTON — Long before Donald J. Trump decided to run for president, Larry Kudlow was selling his future tax plan. Mr. Kudlow spent the years leading up to the 2016 election trying to convince every potential Republican candidate that by slashing ...
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Kudlow to become Trump's next top economic adviser

CNN - 14 Mar 2018
"I'm looking at Larry Kudlow very strongly. I've known him a long time. We don't agree on everything but in this case I think that's good. I want to have a divergent opinion -- we agree on most," Trump said. He added that Kudlow has "come around to ...
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Economist Larry Kudlow Is Trump's Pick For Top Economic Adviser

NPR - 15 Mar 2018
Larry Kudlow is a TV guy. He's an on-air contributor to CNBC. He has informally advised President Trump on economic issues for a while as well. And now it is official. Kudlow has been named White House senior economic adviser. He's replacing Gary Cohn ...
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6 of Larry Kudlow's Not-So-on-the-Money Predictions

New York Times - 15 Mar 2018
Mr. Kudlow's claim that the markets were already “solving” the housing problem was not accurate, given that the housing market still has not recovered in many areas, including those hardest hit. In 2009, banks were — and in many cases remain ...
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Trump, the Television President, Expands His Cast

New York Times - 16 Mar 2018
The consternation came swiftly: How could the president pick a newsman — a television reporter, no less — for a government role of serious power and influence? “Outrageous,” groused one European diplomat. Critics accused the White House of being ...
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David Harsanyi: Larry Kudlow is a big upgrade for the White House

The Union Leader - 20 Mar 2018
David Harsanyi: Larry Kudlow is a big upgrade for the White House. By DAVID HARSANYI March 19. 2018 8:31PM. PRESIDENT DONALD Trump has named Larry Kudlow head of the White House National Economic Council. For fans of pro-growth policies — deregulation ...
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Larry Kudlow predicted Europe's exemption from Trump's tariff plan

New York Post - 11 Mar 2018
Larry Kudlow, the CNBC host reportedly being considered for White House economic adviser, predicted that Europe will be exempted from President Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs like Mexico and Canada. “Canada is exempt. Mexico is exempt. Australia is ...
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Bolton, Kudlow and Turning a Blind Eye to Bad Policy

Bloomberg - 23 Mar 2018
The most striking thing about how President Donald Trump chose his new national security adviser, John Bolton, and new director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, isn't about either of them personally, although neither is well suited to ...

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