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last male white rhino

Last Male Northern White Rhino Sudan Remembered in Ceremony

National Geographic - 31 Mar 2018
picture of a white rhino eating. View Images. Sudan, the world's last male northern white rhino, grazes at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia county in Kenya on May 3, 2017. Photograph by AP. By Sarah Gibbens. PUBLISHED March 31, 2018. The world ...
last male white rhino

Al Ain Zoo names baby rhino after Sudan

The National - 22 Apr 2018
Al Ain Zoo has given its newborn southern white rhino the name Sudan to honour the world's last male northern white rhino who died last month in Kenya. Sudan died at age 45 after a series of age-related illness and infections. His death puts his ...
last male white rhino

The last male white rhino has died

North Texas Daily - 04 Apr 2018
The last male white rhino has died, marking the inevitable end of the species. Some would say the world is in shock, but this is not the truth. In a year's time, the majority of the Earth's population will forget and continue to diminish our planet's ...
last male white rhino

Outdoors | Earth Day must inspire more than just awareness

The Columbus Dispatch - 21 Apr 2018
The first day of spring, for instance, brought the death of the world's last male northern white rhino, age 45 and infirm, his subspecies a victim of human impact on habitat and other irrationality. As was the case with the western black rhino, its ...
last male white rhino

Commentary: Want to Save the Earth? Start With Your Local Zoo.

Fortune - 22 Apr 2018
The death last month of the world's last remaining male northern white rhinoceros was a red flag for the conservation movement and animal lovers everywhere. It was just the latest reminder of the precarious state of major fauna around the world: There ...
last male white rhino

Last male Northern White Rhino passes away

WSU Guardian - 26 Mar 2018
The only male Great White Rhino left on earth passed away last Monday in Kenya. The Rhino, named Sudan, was 45 years old. There are only two females left in the world, and with no ways to reproduce, the species will likely be extinct in the next few ...
last male white rhino

Death of last white rhino part of wider extinction crisis

Irish Times - 26 Mar 2018
Nature is falling silent. From the once-common cry of the curlew to the roar of lions, buzzing of bees and the cacophonous chatter and chirping of countless billions of creatures and critters, now an ominous, ever-expanding wave of stillness is ...
last male white rhino

The northern white rhino should not be brought back to life

The Conversation UK - 05 Apr 2018
A geriatric semi-captive rhino died in Kenya recently. “Sudan”, a 45-year-old northern white rhino was put to sleep as vets decided, after months of ill health, that his condition had deteriorated to the point where the levels of pain and quality of ...
last male white rhino

How a Store of Rhino Semen Could Save the Species

WIRED - 25 Mar 2018
This story originally appeared on the Guardian and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. For over 20 years, Thomas Hildebrandt has harbored a dream: to save the northern white rhinoceros, the world's rarest large mammal. On Monday the scientist ...

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