The Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was the ceremoni... -
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

The Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was the ceremoni...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2016
The Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was the ceremonial final spike driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at Craigellachie, British Columbia at 9:22 am on November 7, 1885. It was driven in by CPR railroad financier Donald Smith, marking the end of a saga of natural disasters, financial crises, and even rebellion that plagued Canada's first transcontinental railroad from its beginning.
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal obituary

The Times - 18 Jun 2018
Ever mindful of his heritage, he marked the centenary of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1985 by re-enacting the photograph featuring his forefather driving in the railway's last spike at Craigellachie in 1885. He shouldered lightly the burden of ...
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

Teamsters scuttle Canadian Pacific Rail strike, laud Trudeau

World Socialist Web Site - 31 May 2018
CP Rail CEO Keith Creel is already gloating over the agreement, boasting it will bring “long-term stability” to the railway, which has extensive operations across Canada and much of the US. Last year, his first at the helm of CP rail, Creel pocketed ...
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

The E&N: Will ye no come back again?

Cowichan Valley Citizen - 10 Jun 2018
Fellow reporter John Slinger's accompanying article, “Rails could be silver, spikes could be gold,” looked back over the railway's 84-year history, from the day at Cliffside, Shawnigan Lake, when Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald drove the E&N's ...
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

Rocky Mountaineer + Canada Tour + Alaska Cruise

Starts at 60 - 04 Jun 2018
Travel across ranchlands, along rocky lakeshores, over high mountain passes and through the remarkable tunnels that form part of the rich rail history of the Canadian Rockies. Highlights include Craigellachie, where the last spike of the Canadian ...
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

The railroads are fat, happy, and slower than ever

FreightWaves - 15 Jun 2018
The railroads are struggling to fulfill their service obligations, causing customers' plants to shut down, massive spikes in the costs of critical commodities, and arbitrarily parking their trains in residential areas, blocking neighborhoods for days ...
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

Before the Bell: Bay Street futures weaker as crude prices fall

The Globe and Mail - 28 May 2018
Canadian Pacific shares will also be at the forefront when trading begins as contract talks continue between the rail line and two unions representing train crews and signal workers. Last week, union members rejected a three-year offer by the company.
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

Another day, another crazy Justin Trudeau pipeline juggling act - 31 May 2018
Since the 1990s, more than $20 billion in federal and provincial tax dollars have been sunk into ports and roads and rail lines and bridges in various “Pacific gateway” infrastructure initiatives, and all for more or less the same public purpose, or ...
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

How open source supports CERN's Large Hadron Collider

Computerworld Australia - 03 Jun 2018
"It's certainly interesting to compare worldwide collaborations like the LHC, and the associated experiments with open source communities," he said during the Vancouver Openstack Summit last week. "At CERN, we have got 13,000 physicists from 100 ...
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

Editorial: End of an era

Manitoba Co-operator - 11 May 2018
[UPDATED: May 17, 2018] This week a chapter in the agriculture history of Manitoba quietly closed. Winnipeg has loudly proclaimed itself the heart of Canada's grain trade since the early days of commercial agriculture on the Prairies. Nothing ...
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

Canadian Pacific

Progressive Rail Roading - 10 Feb 2018
Canada commits federal funding for freight-rail projects in British Columbia Strike averted: CP, two unions reach 11th-hour agreements CP, CSX, UP respond to STB's rail-service concerns CN, CP to serve new grain elevators in Alberta, Saskatchewan CP ...
last spike (canadian pacific railway)

First diesel flows at Sturgeon Refinery

St. Albert Gazette - 12 Dec 2017
I kind of know what (William) Van Horne felt like on the railway there, pounding the last spike,” he said, referring to one of the officials present at the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway. (While Van Horne was at the last spike ceremony ...

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