Lauri Love (/ˈlaʊri lʌv/; born 14 December 1984, United Kingdom... -
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Lauri Love (/ˈlaʊri lʌv/; born 14 December 1984, United Kingdom...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
Lauri Love (/ˈlaʊri lʌv/; born 14 December 1984, United Kingdom) is a Finnish-British activist charged extraterritorially with stealing data from United States Government computers including the Federal Reserve, the US Army, Missile Defense Agency, and NASA via hacking.
lauri love

Make or miss, Lauri Markkanen has same approach to shooting

Chicago Tribune - 11 Oct 2017
"He has a little nasty streak to him, which we love. He's not going to back down from anybody. He has some good athleticism. He moves his feet. He got caught in a couple switches on some of the best isolation players in this league. And I felt he ...
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Keyboard warrior: the British hacker fighting for his life

The Guardian - 08 Sep 2017
In October 2013, Lauri Love was drinking coffee in his dressing gown in his bedroom at his parents' house in the village of Stradishall, Suffolk, when his mother called upstairs to say there was a deliveryman at the front door. Love, whose first name ...
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Kevin Love with awesome goodbye to Richard Jefferson

ProBasketballTalk (blog) - 15 Oct 2017
Lauri Markkanen will be the guy to watch this season, he was up-and-down during preseason (1-of-9 in debut, good game against Toronto to close it out) but how does he develop over the course of the season. Rough first week of the season with the ...
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Hacking suspect Lauri Love 'would work' with US

BBC News - 30 Mar 2017
A hacking suspect facing extradition to the US said he "would want to work" with its intelligence agencies to highlight system "vulnerabilities". Lauri Love, 31, who has Asperger's syndrome, is appealing against an extradition order signed last year by ...
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Barrett Brown's Exclusive Interview with Wanted Hacker Lauri Love

WhoWhatWhy / RealNewsProject (blog) - 08 Sep 2017
We're joined today by Lauri Love. Love is a technical specialist and a hacker in some regards based out of the UK. He's been in the news over the past couple of years, because the US government is trying to extradite him to America to face a variety of ...
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Powerful Women Series: Lauri Brockmiller - 20 Sep 2017
Brockmiller Elite Endurance combines Lauri's background as a personal trainer with her love of biking. "When you're in here and you're with a group, and the music's going, the fan's going, everybody wants to make their numbers… and it's contagious.".
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Amber Rudd orders Lauri Love extradition to US on hacking charges

The Guardian - 14 Nov 2016
The home secretary, Amber Rudd, has signed an order for the extradition of a British man to the US, where his lawyers believe he could face up to 99 years in prison if convicted of hacking charges. Lauri Love is accused of stealing large amounts of ...
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Lauri Lagle: Everybody has one goal – to find happiness

Baltic Times - 27 Sep 2017
Lauri Lagle, the renowned Estonian playwright, stage and film actor, screenwriter and stage producer, and director's first debut feature film Portugal, based on a screenplay written by Lagle himself, and starring leading Estonian actors Margus Prangel ...

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