Lauri Love (/ˈlaʊri lʌv/; born 14 December 1984, United Kingdom... -
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Lauri Love (/ˈlaʊri lʌv/; born 14 December 1984, United Kingdom...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
Lauri Love (/ˈlaʊri lʌv/; born 14 December 1984, United Kingdom) is a Finnish-British activist charged extraterritorially with stealing data from United States Government computers including the Federal Reserve, the US Army, Missile Defense Agency, and NASA via hacking.
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There is still time to stop extradition of Lauri Love

The Times - 23 Nov 2017
Another autistic man wanted by the US on hacking charges, Lauri Love, is appealing against the decision to allow his extradition. The judge in the initial case decided that the principles of the forum bar were outweighed by the interests of justice ...
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Hacking suspect Lauri Love waits for extradition decision

BBC News - 30 Nov 2017
He argued there would be a "high risk" of suicide if Mr Love, who has Asperger syndrome and suffers from a depressive illness, ended up in the US prison system. Mr Fitzgerald said: "The very fact that he would be taken away from his family, his home ...
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Lauri Love hacking case: MPs fight extradition to US

BBC News - 20 Nov 2017
A group of MPs says there will be "potentially fatal consequences" unless the government halts the extradition of an alleged computer hacker to the US. Lauri Love, 32, from Stradishall, Suffolk, who has Asperger syndrome, is suspected of hacking into ...
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My brother Lauri Love should have the right to a trial in the UK - 27 Nov 2017
I hope Theresa May and the Lord Chief Justice have the courage and the will to stop Lauri's extradition. We are not trying to avoid a trial, but if Lauri has done anything wrong then he should be able to face justice in Britain. Theresa May intervened ...
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British MPs push May to block Lauri Love extradition

SC Magazine - 21 Nov 2017
The MPs told Prime Minister Theresa May that Love's mental health issues make extradition to the U.S. on hacking charges risky. A group of U.K. MPs has beseeched Prime Minister Theresa May to block the extradition of hacker Lauri Love to the U.S ...
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Lauri Love: how reformed hackers halted the WannaCry virus - 28 Nov 2017
When the Shadow Brokers released dangerous NSA hacking tools on to the internet, Lauri Love, teamed-up with friends in IT security to analyse the threat. Working with former members of the Lulzsec hacking group, who are now using their security skills ...
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MPs call on PM to intervene in Lauri Love extradition case

IT PRO - 21 Nov 2017
More than 70 MPs have called on the prime minister to intervene in alleged computer hacker Lauri Love's extradition to the US, writing to the UK attorney general to warn of "potentially fatal consequences" if he stands trial there. The cross-party ...

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