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learned helplessness

Learned helplessness is behavior typical of a human or non-huma...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
Learned helplessness is behavior typical of a human or non-human animal and occurs where an animal endures repeatedly painful or otherwise aversive stimuli which it is unable to escape or avoid. After such experience, the organism often fails to learn or accept "escape" or "avoidance" in new situations where such behavior would likely be effective. In other words, the organism learned that it is helpless in situations where there is a presence of aversive stimuli and has accepted that it has lost con
learned helplessness

Cantonment mom gets five years in prison in triplet abuse case

Pensacola News Journal - 22 Jun 2018
A psychologist testified that Linton showed signs of "learned helplessness," meaning that being "punished" whenever she sought outside assistance or showed independence had made Linton passive and afraid to act on her own. Prosecutors did not dispute ...
learned helplessness

The techlash

TechCrunch - 17 Jun 2018
But a combination of learned helplessness and lack of hypocrisy — in that very few hedge fund managers pretend to be making the world a better place for anyone but their clients — shields them from anything like the rancor they deserve. Meanwhile, we ...
learned helplessness

'House of Horrors' mom 'suffers from battered woman syndrome'

Citizen - 21 Jun 2018
He concluded the mother had reached a level of “learned helplessness” and eventual psychological paralysis within her relationship with her husband. This impacted on her ability to fulfil her duties as a mother, or to do anything to change their ...
learned helplessness

Are Cities Making Us Sad?

Inside Science News Service - 04 Jun 2018
If we don't feel we can control our lives, then we may suffer from learned helplessness -- which is a model of depression. So. Cities are busy, polluted and complicated and any one of these can make us feel unhappy. But there's a reason so many people ...
learned helplessness

The Class of 2018: Marcus Heiken breaks a downward cycle

Corvallis Gazette Times - 05 Jun 2018
And while Heiken said he saw his grades get worse throughout high school, what he thinks is the real source of the decline was a concept he learned about in a psychology class: learned helplessness. “When you see your friends doing better than you and ...
learned helplessness

Using sports to equip kids for success

UNCG Now - 05 Jun 2018
He was preparing future PE teachers and working to understand how things like “learned helplessness” might affect students. “That research was a stepping stone for me to begin to try things out, to take that research and try to apply it to programs in ...
learned helplessness

Are Your Children Being Taught by Fascists?

The Good Men Project (blog) - 20 Jun 2018
How can we trot out ridiculous slogans and tired mottos regarding “success” and “never giving up” when we as a nation have given up and consistently taught folks the fine art of learned helplessness? A few pointed discussions about what our students ...
learned helplessness

Animal Campaigners Fight Against 'Cruel Monkey Rodeo'

Plant Based News - 29 May 2018
They reported that the animals exhibited signs of fear and anxiety and - saddest of all - showed a blank expression of resignation, indicating that they're suffering from a condition that psychologists refer to as 'learned helplessness'. In addition ...
learned helplessness

Sean Hannity's Learned Helplessness

The American Interest - 27 Apr 2018
Back in 1977, a study of CBS and NBC showed newscasts were so focused on the stories of victims that it “modelled helplessness” 70 percent of the time. “This study suggested that evening news was actually inducing learned helplessness to viewers ...
learned helplessness

Seeing What Isn't There

Chabad.org - 30 May 2018
It was as if they had thought themselves into a condition that one of Beck's most brilliant disciples, Martin Seligman, was later to call “learned helplessness.” Essentially they kept telling themselves, “I am a failure. Nothing I try ever succeeds. I ...
learned helplessness

Video: Black Fathers Matter

Patriot Post - 17 Jun 2018
That's because our generous welfare system allows women, in effect, to marry the government. And this makes it all too easy for men to abandon their traditional moral and financial responsibilities. Psychologists call such dependency “learned ...
learned helplessness

Mega-mergers like AT&T and Time Warner crush American democracy

The Guardian - 13 Jun 2018
Too many enforcers got used to bigger-is-better mentality in the last 40 years, and have come to a position of learned helplessness when facing big, politically connected companies. Whether it is AT&T or the next Big Ag Merger, all of us need to step up.
learned helplessness

'What is the educational justification for GCSEs?'

TES News - 27 May 2018
The battery of high-stakes exams forces students into a learned helplessness, leading at best to a loss of self-direction and at worst to unacceptable levels of anxiety. The current exam regime is distracting, distorting and, ultimately, damaging ...
learned helplessness

How To Address Abuse: A Q&A with Alex Zelin, Nicole Johnson

SwimSwam - 06 Jun 2018
Related to learned helplessness, the abused target starts to depend on the abuser for everything and refuses to leave the abusive situation. Targets might be told, “You will never succeed at the Olympic level without me,” “You will never find another ...
learned helplessness

Big venue, big day for PESH graduates

Murphy Monitor - 14 Jun 2018
Through a story, the valedictorian warned the class to avoid a trap of learned helplessness by limiting themselves and thinking smaller and safer. “While it's not wrong to be prudent, caution alone cannot change the world,” he said. “Part of changing ...

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