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LeBron James swaps black mask for clear one at request of NBA

Los Angeles Times - 28 Feb 2014
LeBron James knows that what's in the best interest of the NBA is usually in his best interest, which probably is why he complied with the league's request to wear a clear mask to protect his broken nose Saturday night rather than the cooler-looking ...
lebron james mask

So I Broke My F*cking Nose

The Players' Tribune - 07 Sep 2018
Listen, I'll admit it, it's a good story: Vet gets her face busted up, puts on a superhero mask, becomes unstoppable from three and leads her team to victory. But anyone who watched ...
lebron james mask

With LeBron James gone, the Bucks may have next in the East

ClutchPoints - 04 Sep 2018
In LeBron James' absence, conventional wisdom dictates the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors or Philadelphia 76ers will take his place as rulers of the Eastern Conference. Even if Kawhi Leonard departs Toronto as a free agent next summer, the Celtics and ...
lebron james mask

Two LeBron James fans wear goat masks to Cavs vs. Raptors Game 3

Cavs Nation - 06 May 2018
All season long, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has gone above and beyond expectations. Whether it's playing in all 82 games and churning out career-best numbers, the Cavs forward does all these with a relative ease. But what's remarkable ...
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Cleveland Cavaliers fans honor LeBron James with GOAT masks

WKYC.com - 06 May 2018
CLEVELAND -- Is LeBron James the Greatest of All Time? His case certainly seems to be stronger by the day. So much so that two Cleveland Cavaliers showed up at Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday wearing not only James' jersey, but also a pair of goat ...
lebron james mask

The legend of the black mask in the NBA

SB Nation - 31 Oct 2017
Dozens of players have worn face masks in the NBA over the years. Rip Hamilton broke his nose in 2003 and wore a face mask for the rest of his career, becoming his signature trademark. Clear masks? We've seen them time and time again. But the elusive ...
lebron james mask

Appreciating Joel Embiid and the NBA's Notable Masked Men

Bleacher Report - 01 May 2018
If you boiled Miami's Big Three run down to a single image, this would warrant some discussion. If nothing else, LeBron James' Zorro-style look put a masked face on basketball's best villains. The protective gear was required after James broke his nose ...
lebron james mask

LeBron James says his game isn't defined by three pointers

Cavs Nation - 21 May 2018
Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James struggled to find his three-point stroke through the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals. However, in Saturday night's 116-86 Game 3 win over the Boston Celtics, he knocked down all three of his ...

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