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left���right politics

Collectivism, Individualism, and Left–Right Politics

The Epoch Times - 12 Nov 2018
Commentary. Mainstream political consensus places socialists and liberals on the left, moderates or centrists in the middle, followed by capitalists and conservatives on the right. Previously, I've explained how it's inaccurate to treat fascists and ...
left���right politics

Europe's New Political Battle Lines

Project Syndicate - 16 Nov 2018
PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron has framed the European Parliament election in May 2019 as a battle not between the traditional right and left, but between populists and pro-European progressives like himself. Greek Prime Minister Alexis ...
left���right politics

Identity politics are stronger on the right than the left

The Economist - 01 Nov 2018
Rather less attention has been paid to the appetite for a different kind of identity politics—one centred around whiteness and championed by President Donald Trump. This kind of right-leaning identity politics is more potent than the left-leaning ...
left���right politics

Right and Left React to the Midterm Results

New York Times - 08 Nov 2018
The political news cycle is fast, and keeping up can be overwhelming. Trying to find differing perspectives worth your time is even harder. That's why we have scoured the internet for political writing from the right and left that you may not have seen ...
left���right politics

Nancy Pelosi Is Basically Invincible

Paste Magazine - 16 Nov 2018
The progressive left and the centrist right are the most ideologically opposed, but after the elections they agreed in theory on one thing: Nancy Pelosi should no longer lead the House caucus, and must not become speaker. But there were two key ...
left���right politics

The Right Finds the Perfect Weapon Against the Left

Bloomberg - 18 Oct 2018
Every time identity politics is in the headlines — rather than, say, wages or health care — Donald Trump's re-election chances go up. As Tony Blair said recently: “If you put right-wing populism against left populism, right-wing populism will win ...
left���right politics

Selected readings from the left and from the right

Tampa Bay Times - 16 Nov 2018
The excerpt: There have been enormous demographic, geographical, and ideological shifts in American politics — always have been and always will be — but you wouldn't necessarily know it from the press coverage. The suburban Northeast and the Solid ...
left���right politics

German chancellor visits scene of far-right protest

Fox News - 16 Nov 2018
The center-left Social Democrats, who are part of Merkel's governing coalition, meanwhile took issue with comments by the country's domestic intelligence chief that appeared to downplay far-right violence in Chemnitz. Hans-Georg Maassen was eventually ...
left���right politics

When Tribalism First Entered American Politics

New York Times - 15 Nov 2018
He suggests the growing difference between right and left can be explained early on by huge conflagrations like Clinton's scandals and Buchanan's culture war, but also by short-term political dust-ups like Zoë Baird's ill-fated 1993 attorney general ...
left���right politics

Media Bias: Pretty Much All Of Journalism Now Leans Left, Study Shows

Investor's Business Daily - 16 Nov 2018
Despite journalists' denials, it's now pretty much a fact that journalism is one of the most left-wing of all professions. But until recently, that wasn't thought to be true of financial journalists — who have a reputation for being the most right ...
left���right politics

The Newest Weapon in Sri Lankan Politics: Chile Powder in the Eyes

New York Times - 16 Nov 2018
“But there was also so much to be proud of,” she added, saying that the speaker and the police officers showed enormous bravery and would fall “on the right side of history.” After the vote, Mr. Rajapaksa left the chamber to a cacophony of hoots. Mr ...
left���right politics

The Greek Orthodox Church faces a battle over secularisation

The Economist - 16 Nov 2018
Like almost everything else in Greece, debates over the future of the church are likely to be embroiled in left-right electoral politics. Next year there will be a bitter contest between Syriza, presenting itself as the party which guided Greece out of ...

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