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Left Behind: Rupture in the Rapture!

Huffington Post - 03 Oct 2014
Now it seems that he's the one "Left Behind." Trapped in a film assembled by religious fanatics and acted largely by amateurs, Cage is paying his debt to society ... his debt for over the top spending on expensive real estate and over the top acting in ...
left behind

Sorting Through All the Laughs Joan Rivers Left Behind

New York Times - 22 Oct 2017
Joan Rivers filled boxes and boxes with scripts, letters and other material connected to her long career. Above, a cabinet containing papers tied to her appearances on numerous TV shows. Credit Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times. The drawers are ...
left behind

What Islamic State left behind

Reuters - 19 Oct 2017
Some of the 200,000 residents of Marawi, driven from their homes during 150 days of battle between the Philippine military and pro-Islamic State rebels, return...
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A Left-Behind Sector Is Poised to Climb

Barron's - 16 Oct 2017
Buy low, sell high. In this market, it's difficult to find stocks that still fit the bill. Most sectors are already high, and investors must take a leap of faith by chasing them even higher. When we find a group that missed the rally but finally shows ...
left behind

What we know and don't know about the deadly Niger attack

CNN - 19 Oct 2017
US, French and Nigerien forces engaged in the search operation remained on the battlefield until Johnson was found, McKenzie told reporters on Thursday, emphasizing the fact that he was separated and not left behind. "The search continued until he was ...
left behind

The right way to help declining places

The Economist - 19 Oct 2017
But the self-defeating nature of populist policies will not blunt their appeal. Mainstream parties must offer voters who feel left behind a better vision of the future, one that takes greater account of the geographical reality behind the politics of ...
left behind

The People Left Behind by Detroit's 'Comeback'

VICE - 17 Oct 2017
A recent report from the Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington, DC–based think tank, found that 71 percent of Detroit's women of color, a group that constitutes 91 percent of the city's women, felt left out of the city's development plans. Even ...
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China steps up war on poverty, though some still left behind

Reuters - 15 Oct 2017
BEIJING (Reuters) - Wang Qin, 59, collects scrap at a demolished residential district on the outskirts of Beijing, working 15 hours a day and struggling on her own to pay for her granddaughter's education. Migrant workers Wang Qin (L) and her sister ...
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Why Big Cities Thrive, and Smaller Ones Are Being Left Behind

New York Times - 10 Oct 2017
The ruins of the steel mill in Weirton, W.Va. The mill was once the largest private employer in the state. Credit Luke Sharrett for The New York Times. You don't want to be hit by a recession in a city like Steubenville, Ohio. Eight years into the ...
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Federal Ban Leaves Thousands of Pets Behind in Puerto Rico

Daily Beast - 19 Oct 2017
Bedrosian says the embargo violates the No Pet Left Behind FEMA Act put in place after Hurricane Katrina that “authorizes FEMA to provide rescue, care, shelter, and essential needs for individuals with household pets and service animals, and to the ...
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Balloon Fiesta lost and found reveals unusual items left behind

KRQE News 13 - 18 Oct 2017
ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Balloon Fiesta staff wants people to reclaim some of the unlikely items left behind over the past two weeks. “Sometimes when we get the things there's a mental disconnect. We think, 'How could you leave this?'” Balloon Fiesta ...

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