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Left Behind: Rupture in the Rapture!

Huffington Post - 03 Oct 2014
Now it seems that he's the one "Left Behind." Trapped in a film assembled by religious fanatics and acted largely by amateurs, Cage is paying his debt to society ... his debt for over the top spending on expensive real estate and over the top acting in ...
left behind

Left Behind in the Brexit Capital?

Forbes - 10 Aug 2017
Not only left behind by the boom but also seeing others prosper, tens of millions of angry voters -- mostly white, mostly less educated and often past their prime -- are ready to support anyone who stands against the status quo and offers radical change.
left behind

Teen Suicides: The Ones They Left Behind

Centralia Chronicle - 21 Aug 2017
(AP) — The memories of teenagers who died by suicide are closely guarded by those left behind. The smiles and laughter, the shared experiences, the first days at school and the last hours spent together are beacons for families of children whose lives ...
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Are you entitled to a pension you've left behind?

CBS News - 17 Aug 2017
It's not every day you get good news from the IRS. But that's exactly what happened to Danny Jo Wright of Austin, Texas, when he applied for Social Security in 2013. In a letter from Social Security, the IRS informed him he was entitled to a pension ...
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Professionals encouraged to care for left-behind children

Xinhua - 21 Aug 2017
BEIJING, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese authorities have issued a document to encourage social work professionals to help take care of the country's left-behind children. The document, published on Monday, was jointly issued by the ministries of civil ...
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3 Cheap Stocks Left Behind in Hong Kong's Rally

Barron's - 16 Aug 2017
Hong Kong stocks are running hot but that doesn't mean there aren't any bargains left. The Hang Seng Index has outpaced major developed markets with a 26% rise in U.S. dollar terms, with only exotic markets like Jamaica, Latvia and Mauritius having ...

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