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legal affairs of donald trump

When Did Caging Kids Become the Art of the Deal?

New York Times - 18 Jun 2018
This bit of nastiness belongs entirely to Mr. Trump — he has made a choice to torment undocumented families — and his attempt to pass the buck is dishonest and gutless. In other words, it's what we've come to expect when Mr. Trump finds himself in an ...
legal affairs of donald trump

Big Law Alum Nets Big Payday to Lead Renegade Football League - 14 Jun 2018
At the time, McMahon denied that his decision to bring back the league was in response to difficulties facing the NFL, which has faced declining television ratings amid public spats with players and President Donald Trump over the national anthem being ...
legal affairs of donald trump

The promise and peril of carbon pricing

Axios - 15 Jun 2018
A wide-ranging new report on a decade's worth of public opinion surveys shows that backing for taxing carbon emissions in the U.S. has grown, but remains limited and deeply split along partisan lines. Why it matters: The findings are another sign of ...
legal affairs of donald trump

Money question plagues medical marijuana's startup in W.Va.

Huntington Herald Dispatch - 17 Jun 2018
HUNTINGTON - As a law passed last year envisioned it, West Virginia patients with certain ailments will be able to purchase medical cannabis cards in about a year from now. However, unless the state's government acts quickly, there won't be any ...
legal affairs of donald trump

Playbook: World leaders and Trump feud ahead of the G7

Politico - 08 Jun 2018
TRADE WARS -- “'Get Moving': How Trump Ratcheted Up the Trade Battle With China,” by WSJ's Bob Davis and Peter Nicholas in Washington and Lingling Wei in Beijing: “President Donald Trump, fed up with hearing he was weak on China, assembled his senior ...
legal affairs of donald trump

There Is Only One Trump Scandal

The Atlantic - 21 May 2018
The preceding wall of text may appear to some as an abridged list of the Trump administration's scandals, but this is an illusion created by the perception that these are all separate affairs. Viewed as such, the various Trump scandals can seem ...
legal affairs of donald trump

The House GOP Still Can't Figure Out What It Wants on Immigration

New York Magazine - 07 Jun 2018
To hear the buildup over it, you'd think today's special, super-duper all-hands-on-deck meeting of House Republicans over immigration policy was the legislative equivalent of the Nicene Council: a moment of truth in which Republicans would be forced, ...
legal affairs of donald trump

Trump's latest health care move squeezes Republicans

Politico - 08 Jun 2018
Republicans who have tried to repeal Obamacare for nearly a decade believe the Trump administration is reviving a politically risky battle with a court filing that could eliminate one of the most popular parts of the law: protections for people with ...
legal affairs of donald trump

Trump appeals ruling that bars blocking of his critics on Twitter

The Japan Times - 05 Jun 2018
The lawsuit involved seven Trump critics that his account blocked. Others who've been walled off include author Stephen King and model Chrissy Teigen. Buckwalter-Poza, the judicial affairs editor for Daily Kos, said she's confident she and other Trump ...

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