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Leo Szilard (/ˈsɪlɑːrd/; Hungarian: Szilárd Leó; pronounced...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
Leo Szilard (/ˈsɪlɑːrd/; Hungarian: Szilárd Leó; pronounced [ˈsila:rd ˈlɛo:]; German: Leo Spitz until age 2; February 11, 1898 – May 30, 1964) was a Jewish Hungarian-born physicist and inventor. He conceived the nuclear chain reaction in 1933, patented the idea of a nuclear reactor with Enrico Fermi, and in late 1939 wrote the letter for Albert Einstein's signature that resulted in the Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb.
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Vancouver Fringe Festival review: The Inventor of All Things

Straight.com - 07 Sep 2017
Fringe staple Jem Rolls, best-known for his spoken-word poetry, does something different with this show, which tells the story of Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard, a key architect of the atomic bomb who was also one of the strongest opponents of its ...
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Commentary: You could be the first link in a chain reaction

The Slate Online - 12 Sep 2017
Eighty-four years ago today, a man named Leo Szilard was walking across a London street when he had an idea that would change the course of humanity forever. While Szilard, a physicist from Hungary, is known for many things, his conception of the ...
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5 Vancouver Fringe Festival shows with a science-happy bent

Straight.com - 07 Sep 2017
The Inventor of All Things (September 8 to 11 and 13 to 16 at Carousel Theatre) U.K. Fringe favourite Jem Rolls is back with the story of Leo Szilard, the Jewish Hungarian physicist who fled Nazi Germany, but not before recognizing the dangers of it ...
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Freedom and Scientific Progress – A Necessary Relationship

Discovery Institute - 30 Aug 2017
The first wave of refugees came in 1933, when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. Many physicists of Jewish descent fled to England to escape racial laws. These included Leo Szilard, who first devised the idea of a nuclear chain reaction; Otto ...
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Way Off-Broadway Wednesdays returns for fall

The Record (New Westminster) - 30 Aug 2017
20, it's The Inventor of All Things, the true story of Leo Szilard, the Jewish-Hungarian physicist who wrecked the Nazi bomb, as told by U.K. slam poet Jem Rolls. On Sept. 27, Wes Babcock and Nancy Kenny come to the stage with Your Princess is In ...
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ATOMIC Detonates at the AWGIE Awards

Broadway World - 04 Sep 2017
Telling the true but largely unknown story of Leo Szilard, the scientist who first conceived, helped build, and then tried to stop the first atomic bombs, Atomic was developed in Australia by writer Danny Ginges and composer Philip Foxman under the ...
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What's up in Burnaby? New arts listings Sept. 16

Burnaby Now - 15 Sep 2017
The Inventor of All Things, the unbelievable true story of Leo Szilard, the Jewish-Hungarian physicist who wrecked the Nazi bomb as told by UK slam poet Jem Rolls, part of Way Off-Broadway Wednesdays. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Heritage Grill's ...
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How a Refrigerator Led to Einstein's Pleas for Atomic Bomb Research

National Geographic - 20 Jun 2017
In the 1920s, while living in Berlin, the physicist collaborated with Hungarian graduate assistant Leo Szilárd to develop and patent an energy-efficient fridge. While their design never went to market, the duo's work ultimately embroiled Einstein—an ...
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정근모 전 장관, 핵연쇄반응 75주년 강연

Science Times - 25 Sep 2017
CP-1 원자로는 1942년 11월 페르미와 연쇄반응이라는 아이디어를 낸 레오 질라드 (Leo Szilard)를 비롯해서 허버트 앤더슨, 월터 진, 마틴 휘태커, 조지 바일 등이 조립했다. CP-1은 모두 360t에 달하는 45,000개의 흑연막대가 감속재로 사용됐으며, 5.4t의 우라늄 ...
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Einstein's Little-Known Passion Project? A Refrigerator

WIRED - 25 Jul 2017
Anguished, the forty-seven-year-old physicist called up a young friend of his, the inventor and scientist Leo Szilard. “There must be a better way,” Einstein pleaded. Szilard, a stocky man of 28, had first impressed Einstein six years earlier by ...
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What Was Einstein's Contribution To The Manhattan Project?

Forbes - 08 Feb 2017
The genius behind nuclear fission was one of the most influential, yet underrated thinkers of the twentieth century. Leo Szilard was the first person to work out the concept of a nuclear chain reaction, patented it, did many of the early experiments ...
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The Inventor Of All Things

Winnipeg Free Press - 18 Jul 2017
In his new one-person show, London's Jem Rolls has upended the usual cliché of standing on the shoulders of giants. Instead, Rolls hoists largely forgotten mega-genius physicist, heroic pacifist and "bumptious eccentric," Leo Szilard, onto his own ...
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The Secret Jewish History Of The Atom Bomb

Forward - 21 Apr 2017
The intellectual father of the bomb was Leo Szilard, a Hungarian-Jewish refugee from Nazism. Szilard conceived the nuclear chain reaction in 1933, and patented the idea of a nuclear reactor with Enrico Fermi, a physicist who had fled Mussolini's Italy ...
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Japan's surrender to the United States

Journal Gazette and Times-Courier - 12 Aug 2017
For example, a Jewish scientist by the name of Leo Szilard fled to London where he proposed, and in 1914 patented, the idea of a nuclear chain action via neutrons. It seems as if Nazi Germany was already experimenting with the development of the atomic ...
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Năng lượng hạt nhân trên thế giới

Người Việt (lời châm biếm, lời chế nhạo) (lời tuyên bố phát cho các báo) (sự đăng ký) (Blog) - 14 Sep 2017
Năm 1942, ông Fermi và cộng sự viên Leo Szilard chế tạo ra một dụng cụ có thể gây ra phản ứng dây chuyền của sự tách hạt. Một khi đã có được phản ứng dây truyền thì năng lượng tỏa ra rất là lớn. Các nhà khoa học nghĩ là có thể dùng nguyên tắc này để ...
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Hangi gerçek?

Sözcü - 07 Sep 2017
Atom bombasının yaratılmasına yardım eden çok sayıdaki araştırmacı, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, Niels Bohr, Arthur H. Compton ve Enrico Fermi dahil olmak üzere Rockefeller kurumlarından hibe veya burs aldı. Bu desteğin büyük kısmı, Rockefeller ...

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