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Leo Szilard (/ˈsɪlɑːrd/; Hungarian: Szilárd Leó; pronounced...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
Leo Szilard (/ˈsɪlɑːrd/; Hungarian: Szilárd Leó; pronounced [ˈsila:rd ˈlɛo:]; German: Leo Spitz until age 2; February 11, 1898 – May 30, 1964) was a Jewish Hungarian-born physicist and inventor. He conceived the nuclear chain reaction in 1933, patented the idea of a nuclear reactor with Enrico Fermi, and in late 1939 wrote the letter for Albert Einstein's signature that resulted in the Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb.
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The True History of the Fourth of July

Courthouse News Service - 06 Jul 2018
On July 4, 1934, Leo Szilard patented the design of a chain reaction that would be used to make the atomic bomb. On July 4, 1947, the Indian Independence Bill was presented to the British House of Commons, proposing the independence of the British ...
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July 4, 1993: Sampras wins first Wimbledon title

gulfnews.com - 03 Jul 2018
1993 - Pete Sampras added a first Wimbledon title to his growing list of credits by winning the latest instalment of his American tennis civil war with Jim Courier. The top seed and world number one marked his country's Fourth of July celebrations with ...
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Listening to the Dolphins: Leo Szilard on Nuclear War

lareviewofbooks - 15 Feb 2018
LEO SZILARD'S short story “The Voice of the Dolphins,” published in 1961, imagines a history of the world written in 1990. The story begins with the sentence, “On several occasions between 1960 and 1985, the world narrowly escaped an all-out atomic war.
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Londoners must use next week's elections to embrace the new

Evening Standard - 26 Apr 2018
On a cold wet London morning in September 1933, a young man named Leo Szilard set off for a walk around Russell Square. No big deal. But what happened next would change history, and affect the lives of millions of people for decades to come.
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Was HG Wells the first to think of the atom bomb?

BBC News - 03 Jul 2015
What he couldn't predict was how a strange conjunction of his friends and acquaintances - notably Winston Churchill, who'd read all Wells's novels twice, and the physicist Leo Szilard - would turn the idea from fantasy to reality, leaving them deeply ...
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Einstein's Little-Known Passion Project? A Refrigerator

WIRED - 25 Jul 2017
Anguished, the forty-seven-year-old physicist called up a young friend of his, the inventor and scientist Leo Szilard. “There must be a better way,” Einstein pleaded. Szilard, a stocky man of 28, had first impressed Einstein six years earlier by ...
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Irrtum vom freien Markt

Süddeutsche.de - 17 Jun 2018
Polanyi und sein jüngerer Bruder Michael, ein bekannter Wissenschaftstheoretiker, gehörten wie der Soziologe Karl Mannheim, der Philosoph Georg Lukács, der Biologe Leo Szilard, der Informatiker John von Neumann und der Komponist Béla Bartók einer ...
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Race to the first nuclear chain reaction

UChicago News - 23 Oct 2017
Arthur Holly Compton, a Nobel laureate and dean of the physical sciences, recruited physicists, chemists and engineers including Enrico Fermi, Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner to work on a secret government project in a squash racquets court under the ...
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Current Time

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - 30 Jun 2018
The latter body of work was recognized by the 2014 Leo Szilard Lectureship Award by the American Physical Society. His work covers nuclear weapon accidents, civil defense, India's nuclear doctrine, minimal deterrence and anti-missile and early warning ...
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How a Refrigerator Led to Einstein's Pleas for Atomic Bomb Research

National Geographic - 21 Jun 2017
In the 1920s, while living in Berlin, the physicist collaborated with Hungarian graduate assistant Leo Szilárd to develop and patent an energy-efficient fridge. While their design never went to market, the duo's work ultimately embroiled Einstein—an ...
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Remembering the Chicago Pile, the World's First Nuclear Reactor

The New Yorker - 02 Dec 2017
Other members of the project, including the gadfly physicist Leo Szilard and even the eminent Enrico Fermi, were considered “enemy aliens,” because the countries from which they had fled were under Fascist rule. Vannevar Bush, the scientist ...
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Vancouver Fringe Festival review: The Inventor of All Things

Straight.com - 07 Sep 2017
Fringe staple Jem Rolls, best-known for his spoken-word poetry, does something different with this show, which tells the story of Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard, a key architect of the atomic bomb who was also one of the strongest opponents of its ...

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